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The easiest way to renovate ugly old baseboard heaters
baseboard heater radiator covers
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An Adjustable One-Piece Solution.

Designed Specifically For Bathrooms.


How do you improve on what is an already super-simple solution to rejuvenating old baseboard heaters? Get rid of the bits and pieces. For our professional customers that buy in volume, we have an adjustable one-piece design. Baseboarders® Basic One Piece is intended for residential size finned tube element in large scale renovation projects.


  • $12.95 / linear foot
  • Basic One Piece is IDENTICAL to the Basic product line with the exception that there are no accessories needed.
  • Only available in 3′ and 4′ lengths (standard lengths found in most bathrooms).
  • The absolute lowest cost baseboard heater cover solution available anywhere.
  • The integrated endcaps can be cut using hand shears to suit site conditions if necessary.
  • End to end span can be adjusted to yield an additional 2″. Detailed dimensions are shown below.
  • Semi-gloss white powder coat finish.
  • Sold in packs of 100 pieces.


Contractors: There’s a Better Way.


It’s no secret most general and heating contractors absolutely loathe the idea of having to change out crappy old baseboard heater covers. The labor component to this task is enormous. When there’s a 30 storey building being renovated and each suite has rusty old baseboard heaters in the bathroom you know that’s going to add up to many hours of tedious work. Baseboarders® Basic One Piece is our contractor product. It’s the easy slip-on solution that fits most common bathroom heater lengths and there’s no need to buy endcaps.


1.) This brake form is used for the one-time length adjustment.

2.) The 24 gauge galvanized steel is light yet durable.

3.) A hem detail doubles up the bottom edge for additional rigidity.

4.) Holes are 1/8″ in diameter to allow proper airflow.




Ready To Start This Project?



First, check the Retrofitting Guide to ensure a proper fit.


Next, measure the lengths of your existing heaters.


…And when you’re ready, order online or call 1-800-834-5672