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The easiest way to renovate ugly old baseboard heaters
baseboard heater radiator covers
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Baseboarders® Premium & Premium TALL

The Original And Uncompromising Industry Standard.Ask This Old House

As Seen on “Ask This Old House“, the Premium line is the brand-defining product. Available in every common length and type of accessory you might ever need, Baseboarders® Premium is the look most people want at the right price.


Buy Premium Now Buy Premium TALL Now


  • $22.95 and $27.95 (respectively) / linear foot.
  • Premium and Premium TALL are IDENTICAL in all aspects except that Premium TALL is 2″ taller on all components.
  • Premium is the only Baseboarders® product series offered in a 2″ taller profile.
  • The most complete range of baseboard heater cover accessories. If it’s not part of the Premium line, you don’t need it.
  • Always check the Retrofitting Guide to ensure a proper fit. If your heaters need the taller profile, the guide will clearly show this.
  • All components have a pristine semi-gloss white powder coated finish . The surface is suitable for painting over with a custom color of your choice.
  • Download the 1:1 scale template for Premium
  • Download the 1:1 scale template for Premium TALL


Quality Your Grandparents Would Recognize.


There was a time when products made of steel would seemingly last forever. This used to be representative of high quality. We think it still is. Our design calls for the use of heavy duty gauges of galvanized steel to craft our product. Historically the baseboard heater industry has been plagued with cheap, thin steel covers that were easily damaged and prone to falling apart when a vacuum cleaner got a bit too close. It seems the original finned tube element manufacturers thought it was acceptable to expect home owners to constantly paint their covers.

Baseboarders® Premium has a solid reputation as the better solution. It’s the original since 2008 and it will continue to impress with a super easy install and a sleek look that is both original and low-key.



1.) Clip to capture the hemmed bottom edge of the panel.

2.) Embossed logo for authenticity.

3.) Endcaps are fabricated in 18 gauge steel plate.

4.) Panels are fabricated in 22 gauge galvanized sheet steel.

5.) Holes are 1/8″ in diameter to allow proper airflow.




Ready To Start This Project?



First, check the Retrofitting Guide to ensure a proper fit.


Next, measure the lengths of your existing heaters.


…And when you’re ready, order online or call 1-844-801-6429