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The easiest way to renovate ugly old baseboard heaters
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Baseboarders® Basic

The Very Best Value In Baseboard Heater Covers.


Designed in 2013, the Basic line was created to maximize value. The simple contemporary rectangular profile dresses up ratty old baseboard heaters with ease. The Basic product line contains only the most common panel lengths while lacking the more specialized accessories.


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  • $17.55 / linear foot.
  • Perforations are located on the upper half of the front face and the top surface.
  • The endcaps can be modified using simple hand shears as shown in this video tutorial
  • Always check the Retrofitting Guide to ensure a proper fit.
  • All components have a pristine semi-gloss white powder coated finish . The surface is suitable for painting over with a custom color of your choice.
  • Download the 1:1 scale template for Basic


A Truly Modern Look.


While some describe it as “techy”, the ultra clean lines of the Basic product line are a refreshing alternative to the 1950’s style that has dominated this industry. On this product we use a slightly thinner gauge of galvanized sheet steel, but fear not, the hemmed bottom edge of the panel and top two brake forms still maintain a very rigid profile even on the long 6′ lengths.


Baseboarders® Basic is the ideal choice for a pairing with contemporary decor styles. It’s quite simply an unbeatable value for your renovation dollars.




1.) Clip to capture the hemmed bottom edge of the panel.

2.) Embossed logo for authenticity.

3.) Endcaps are fabricated in 22 gauge sheet steel.

4.) Panels are fabricated in 24 gauge galvanized sheet steel.

5.) Holes are 1/8″ in diameter to allow proper airflow.



Ready To Start This Project?



First, check the Retrofitting Guide to ensure a proper fit.


Next, measure the lengths of your existing heaters.


…And when you’re ready, order online or call 1-844-801-6429