Baseboarders Reviews

Baseboarders are the highest rated baseboard heater cover renovation solution. How do we know this? Hundreds of posted reviews, direct customer feedback and non-stop sales growth. Not bad for a company that only does one thing.

Product reviews have become one of the most powerful motivators for consumers to buy things. It's pretty evident the online peer-review system has many benefits over traditional hard-copy publications. The ease of instantly learning the opinions of others from far and wide about a specific product is empowering. Trusting the source of that information is what separates the good from the bad. It's a pretty big deal. While some online review sites contain completely authentic consumer opinion, there are problems within the system at large. Among the various efforts Retailers make to keep their reviews honest is their ability to ensure a reviewer has actually purchased the product before publishing anything. This kind of screening can eliminate trolls that exploit the system with bias and agenda.

Online reviews generally come in two formats; a brief write-up posted on a merchant's website or various forms of content within wildly popular social media platforms. The latter can really have a huge impact. A Facebook like is a review. Tweeting a hashtag on Twitter is also a review. Same thing goes with posting a photo on Pintrest. Sites like these have the power to spread information that can make or break a product's image very quickly. Just like a viral video, social media has the power to create a star out of just about any everyday product.

But there's a big problem with social media product review platforms; the whole affair can be easily monetized. Fake reviewers, fake reviews, twenty cents for a Facebook like. False opinions undermine the entire online product review process. Perhaps it's just early going and these problems will be sorted out.

With regards to Baseboarders, you'll notice we have some social media stats on the website. They probably don't impress you. Perhaps that's because I will never pay for reviews or any fake opinion embellishment. I will also not contact our customers to solicit a review. We've been impressing our customers for years with a consistent high quality product and expert customer service.

Ultimately it's the old school word of mouth that packs the most punch. Credibility is still king. When you actually know the person who offers their opinion on a product, it will do more for influencing a buying decision than any number of online reviews from complete strangers. With nearly eight years behind us and tens of thousands of customers, I can assume there's been a lot said about Baseboarders.

21 days ago