What to Do If You Have a Super Long Baseboard Heater

Installing a custom cut baseboard heater cover.


If you’ve got a really long baseboard heater, and you worry there isn’t a replacement cover long enough for it, never fear! You have more options than you imagine.

Baseboard heater covers come in standard lengths up to six or seven feet. If your heater is longer than seven feet, you have to get a bit creative and start combining covers to make up the difference. Before you start fretting, this doesn't have to be a nightmare. In fact, the experts at Baseboarders put their heads together to come up with these solutions.


Solution 1: Cut Two Panels Into Equal Lengths

The best looking solution is to purchase two replacement panels and cut them into two equal lengths to cover your entire heater. The benefit of using two equal length panels is that the coupler will fall dead center.

A coupler covers the seam where panels meet. It’s very like the piece on the end of the heater (end caps) that gives the baseboard heater a finished look, except it’s open on both sides rather than closed off like the end caps.

The only downside to this arrangement is that the purchase of two long panels may end up costing a bit more than buying one long and one short panel.


Use our configurator tool to not only figure out exactly what you need, but get the best looking solutions for your super long heaters.

It automatically configures your long baseboard heaters using two pieces of equal length so the coupler falls in the center.







Solution 2: One Long Panel & Cut a Second to Fill in the Gap

Another option is to get the longest panel available then get a second panel that’s nearest the length of the remaining space. You may still have to request a custom cut (or cut it yourself) to ensure everything fits right. It costs less to buy only what you need compared to the first option.

The downside to this option is that the coupler will fall somewhere to the left or right of center. Of course, if an asymmetrical layout doesn't bother you, this may not even be an issue.


A long baseboard heater cover requiring custom cuts.


Solution 3: Slide the End Caps Out for Some Extra Space

If you find you’re just a tad short, there’s no need to buy any extra panels, make cuts, or bother with couplers. The end caps are designed to slide in and out 1.75 inches.That means you can get an extra 3.5 inches per heater cover. So if you’re short by less than 3.5 inches, consider simply sliding the end caps out.


New custom baseboard heater covers installed in a living room.


Custom Cuts for Free!

Baseboarders makes it easy for you to take care of those long baseboard heater panels. We’ll custom cut your panels to any size you specify, for free. Simply leave us a note on each panel as you order it. One of our representatives will personally ensure the cuts are made correctly so you have everything you need to perfectly refit your baseboard heater covers.

If you’re the sort of person who likes a DIY project, check out our video on how to cut panels yourself. Just remember that once you cut the panel, it’s not eligible for return.

Try out our configurator and end your worries about a long baseboard heater today.


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August 3, 2021