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ugly baseboard heater
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Baseboard Radiators And The Renovation Dilemma

It doesn't matter if you call them baseboard radiators, baseboard heaters, perimeter heaters, baseboard registers or those old metal rads; it's all the same thing. What most people will agree on is that they're ugly. So what are you supposed to do? From my experience there are two routes. The first and most common is to just paint them. Not very effective though. The other way is the dummy replacement method. Usually not a DIY job as it involves slow tedious skilled work that leads to less than impressive results. It's also worth considering that the labor costs can be...

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02 November 2014
baseboard heater dangers
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Baseboard Heater Safety

Last year I posted what turned out to be a wildly popular piece on baseboard heaters and child safety. Seems like a whole lotta people have genuine safety concerns about their baseboard heaters. In the interest of adding more details to the discussion, let's go through the known dangers associated with fixed-position finned tube element space heating. Electric vs Hot Water Baseboard Heaters First we need to clarify a couple of things. There are two types of baseboard heaters; electric and hot water (aka hydronic). If you have electric baseboard heaters - pay attention. If your baseboard heaters are fed with hot...

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02 October 2014
cleaning baseboard heaters
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Cleaning Baseboard Radiators

Late summer is an ideal time of year to get your baseboard radiators ready for the heating season ahead. Believe it or not, few people actually take the time to clean out the lint and dust bunnies that accumulate inside the heater. The job is essentially the only regular maintenance hydronic baseboard heaters need, however there seems to be some kind of false logic out there that baseboard radiators don't require regular maintenance. Don't be fooled just because it's the one major appliance in your home that doesn't have moving parts. Baseboard heaters work by creating lots and lots of surface...

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01 September 2014
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Custom Baseboard Heater Covers

We get a good number of phone calls from customers who are absolutely sure their baseboard heaters are a custom size. Most of the time they're wrong - but that's usually a good thing. Standardization in the finned tube element heating business 60 years ago means our Baseboarders Patent Pending one size fits most design will easily slide over just about everything out there. There is however a plethora of odd lengths in existence, and that's what this post is all about. When it comes to the overall span (length) of a baseboard heater, they tend to follow multiples of the...

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01 August 2014
section with finned tube element cover
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Replacement Baseboard Heater Covers

It used to be standard procedure. When your old baseboard heater covers start rusting you had to replace them. The whole kit and caboodle. Call in the plumber at $60/hour. Not anymore. The crazy thing is, some people still haven't heard about easy slip-on Baseboarders. It's not a gimmick. Not a temporary solution. Not a here today gone tomorrow thingy. This is how millions of tired rusty baseboard heaters are being rejuvenated. DIY style, of course. Finned tube element is a great way to heat an interior space. It was the most common form of home heating installed in new homes during...

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01 July 2014
peeing on heaters
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Peeing On Baseboard Heaters

Yuk. I've held off dealing with this regular inquiry for a while now. The all too common question most folks are embarrassed to ask straight up. "Will your baseboard heater covers really resist rusting, even if they get peed on?" The answer of course is yes. Urine is pretty nasty stuff, but it cannot get through the two layers of finish we apply to Baseboarders. Baseboard heating and bathrooms are a difficult combination. Bathrooms for the most part are tiny rooms where all sorts of electrical and plumbing fixtures are crammed in. This leaves a minimal amount of available floor space...

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01 June 2014
before and after baseboarders
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Discount Baseboard Heater Covers

There has been a change in how old baseboard heaters are decoratively rejuvenated. Perfectly functional, yet ugly as sin baseboard radiators are everywhere. Their reputation is undisputed. But it should be made clear that the design of hot water baseboard is so good that finned tube element from the Truman era continues to still put out reliable heat year after year. While the three decades following the end of WWII marked a boom era for so called "perimeter heat" folks nowadays are seeking out low cost ways to restore these things. So where are the deep discounts on baseboard heater covers?...

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03 May 2014
recessed baseboard heater back plate
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Baseboard Heater Installation

The installation of hot water baseboard heaters is pretty straight forward, except when someone decides to mess with convention. Oddly enough we hear hundreds of stories about baseboard heaters being installed "wrong" and "different than what you show on your website". This post will briefly highlight one of the more common unconventional situations; when the original back plate is mounted directly onto the wall studs, which of course prevents the vertical travel requirements for Baseboarders to slip-on. The installation of the copper and finned tube element is never a DIY installation project. This should be left to the pro's. Once the...

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02 April 2014
baseboard heater emitter
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Hot Water Baseboard Heaters

Hot water is used as an energy-transporting medium to heat homes in many cold climates around the world today. When heated water runs through finned tube element installed where the wall and floor intersect, it's called hot water baseboard heating, or hydronic baseboard. Let's take a look at hot water baseboard heaters and their particular renovation needs and unique features. The Basics First thing; these aren't electric baseboard heaters. Unlike the all-in-one electric baseboard heaters that just plug in, hydronic heating is a system of various components that, like the proverbial iceberg, reveal little in plain sight. The process starts with a...

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03 March 2014
forced air vs baseboard
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Forced Air vs Hydronic Baseboard Heating

Heating a home with a hot water based heating system has numerous advantages over the more popular forced air type of heating. Lately however, hot water systems, baseboard in particular, have seen a significant decline in the number of installations in new homes. Drawing a comparison between these two forms of home heating is worthy when one considers that easy slip-on Baseboarders are designed to breathe new life into existing ugly, old, yet perfectly functional hot water baseboard heaters. In a world full of low quality consumer goods, too many people are willing to just discard the old product and buy something...

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10 February 2014