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electric baseboard heater fire
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Electric Baseboard Heaters

If you heat your home with electric baseboard heaters, you need to read this. Electrically powered baseboard heaters present some serious risks to home owners and their property. We started in the baseboard heater cover business back in 2008 converting old ugly hot water baseboard heaters into DIY beauties. From day one we've experienced a steady trickle of customer inquiries looking to make their electric heaters safer. So what's up with this? How is it that so many people consider their home heating devices a serious threat to their safety? Is a safer design needed? There are two types of baseboard heaters....

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12 January 2014
radiator cover concept
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Decorative Baseboard Heater Covers

Decorative baseboard heater covers or functional baseboard heater covers? That is the question. Hot water baseboard heaters are a great way to heat a home. Ask anyone that's familiar with this technological wonder from the 50's and they will probably say two things; they give reliable comfortable heating and they're ugly to look at. So it's clear consumers still see great value in the functional aspects of this type of heating. However for reasons unknown, the dozens of manufacturers over the last six decades that made these things never really put much effort into making them look nice. Obviously if every...

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13 December 2013
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Baseboard Heater End Caps

There seems to be some confusion about baseboard heater end caps. These guys are the bits at the end of the heater that cap off the exposed element and copper pipe. They often go missing. That's usually about the time we get a call. One of the most common questions I get is which style to use. The hydronic baseboard heating industry has only offered two different styles of endcap; open and closed. Our company developed an innovative third style of endcap for difficult to access situations. I have posted the above video to help sort out this confusion. Here,...

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03 December 2013
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Painting Baseboard Heaters

This is weird; our number one competitor is spray paint. Yes that time-honored tradition of painting old, rusty, crappy, ugly, dinged-up, dirty, dented baseboard heaters is alive and well in America. A house full of baby blue heaters is just a few weeks of hard labor away. I regularly discuss the pros and cons of this liquid rejuvenation with customers that call our toll free number for advice. In fact, I am quite happy to suggest painting as the best option when it is in fact the best solution for the customer. So lets consider a few realities. Baseboarders aren't cheap. But...

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02 November 2013
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Really Long Baseboard Heaters

One of the differences between hot water and electrically powered baseboard heaters is their standard available lengths. While electric baseboard heaters generally max out at 6 feet, hydronic baseboard heaters can run 30 feet and beyond! Surprised? You shouldn't be. It's really about laziness. More on that in a moment. But for those with rooms containing long length heaters, renovations of the old decrepit covers using easy slip-on Baseboarders will require a little extra attention. The hydronics industry has for years produced nominal lengths of 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 7' and in some rare cases 8' and even 10'. Shipping considerations...

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29 September 2013
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Children and Baseboard Heater Safety

It's no wonder baseboard heaters have a bad rap among parents with young kids. Hot metal bits littered around the perimeter of nearly every room.  They are fastened to the wall at just the perfect height for little crawlers to explore. If this doesn't present enough of a potential danger, most hot water baseboard heater covers incorporate all sorts of parts that feature sharp exposed edges. Initially our easy slip-on baseboard heater covers were never intended to address safety issues. It was only after dozens of e-mails and phone calls from concerned parents that we realized the product also helped to...

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28 July 2013
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Baseboard Heating – 1950 to Present Day

Quite often when one thinks of baseboard heating it usually involves images of ugly, rusty, nondescript lengths of metal. The fact is, baseboard heating can be found in nearly all cold climate areas of North America. So why did such a popular method of home heating receive so little attention to detail way back when it all began in the early 50's? Why couldn't the covers have been be made to enable easy replacement when they get old and banged up? Why not design them with a visually appealing aesthetic that compliments a home's interior? I've studied the hydronic baseboard heating...

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01 July 2013
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Convection Heating

When you are the leader in an industry, you should be expected to have a sound technical background to compliment great customer service. Baseboard heater covers involve covering over a device that is manufactured by others and must function correctly with any add-on accessories. This post will help explain how baseboard heaters work and why anything that covers them must be properly designed to allow the finned tube heating elements to function with optimal performance. Convection Heating Convection air current heating has been around for a long time, here's how it works. Air is constantly moving around the walls, floors and ceilings...

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20 June 2013
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Made In……Canada?

When was the last time you bought something that said it was Made in Canada? If you remove Canada's primary industries from it's manufacturing landscape, you are left with the auto sector and little else. There are a number of reasons I chose to produce the easy slip-on baseboard heater covers here in Canada, but it's the reasons not to go the overly popular Made in China route that are worthy of comment. Normally consumer goods made of sheet metal come from a country where labor rates are far less than they are in North America. China's massive industrial expanse is...

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01 June 2013
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Choose Any Color, As Long As It’s White

Of the many questions I am often asked while performing customer service duties, the one that comes up the most is about color choice. The answer is always the same - white. Henry Ford famously once said "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black." At the advent of mass manufacturing, offering customization was a challenge. Unlike the craftsmen who would churn out widgets one by one based on a specific customers needs and wants, the assembly line had to generalize and make a huge number of assumptions to create a...

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27 May 2013