The Best Baseboard Radiator Covers

Those who have spent their hard-earned dollars on the easy slip-on baseboard heater cover renovation solution during the past seven years have come to an overwhelming conclusion - Baseboarders are amazing! We are the company that invented the easy slip-on baseboard heater cover and in this blog post I will break down the key components that go into making the best baseboard radiator cover available anywhere.

Let's start with the problem areas. The most obvious problem evident with hot water baseboard heaters is their incredible lack of attractive design. I think an essential home appliance that is found in just about every room in the house should offer just as much visually pleasing form as it does in its heating function. As if this problem wasn't enough, the darn things aren't designed to be easily replaced. The thin gauge metal back plates are usually nailed to the wall studs through the drywall which makes a fun job of trying to pry them off the wall. What were they thinking knowing the material would eventually rust out? The original manufacturers have always offered "dummy cover" replacements at low low prices, but when you figure out the cost of hired labor (most DIY'ers will struggle with this project) the real cost of dummy cover replacement is far higher than using Baseboarders.

And now, the basic elements that comprise the best baseboard radiator cover solution. First let's remember that we don't want the renovation solution to mess with the science that is responsible for how these emitters heat up a space. The cyclical convection air currents must absolutely have unrestricted access to the finned tube element. Any baseboard heater cover that prevents proper airflow should be avoided. This means nothing below the element and lots of space for the heated (and rising) air to escape the cover. Once we've adhered to these rules, it's time to move on to the good stuff like a great looking cover. Just because heating is boring doesn't mean the covers have to match this idea. A really good baseboard heater cover will look sleek, fit into many different styles of home décor and will have clean lines. The design will feature a pristine finish that espouses high quality and fine craftsmanship.

If the best solution is a champion of simplicity, then the best baseboard radiator cover solution will have minimal parts. I'm talking about boiling down all of the little bits and pieces that the dummy covers are comprised of into a neat one piece design with snap-on accessories. No brackets, no sharp pieces, no pivoting this and that, just one heavy gauge piece of powder coated, zinc plated sheet steel.

What about installation - it has to be easy. Hired help? Forget about that. The new way to do this job is the easy slip-on baseboard heater cover. If someone many years ago has already gone to the trouble of nailing a piece of metal to the wall and it's going to take a fight to pull it off, why not use it as-is? Fortunately the geometry has remained roughly the same for 60 odd years. This can be exploited in a one size fits most slip-on solution. Of course a no-tools installation only makes this job even easier. No wonder sales of dummy covers are on a sharp decline.

Finally, the best baseboard radiator cover will be designed, manufactured and sold by a company that has been around for many years, has a great reputation for quality and offers unparalleled professional customer service that operates 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's no wonder Baseboarders are really the only product available for renovating baseboard heaters that result in a vast improvement.

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4 months ago