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baseboard heater installation

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Outside 90 Degree Corners

Baseboard heater covers have to mimic the layout of the baseboard heaters themselves at every turn. There are two standard turning angles in residential construction in North America; 90 degrees and 135 degrees (also known as a bay window corner). This post will focus on the outside 90 degree angle.   A rare species of baseboard heater cover, the rarely photographed outside 90 degree corner, is often a sign of poor planning when the finned tube element was laid out. While inside 90 degree corners are extremely common, the 3" protrusion created at an outside corner is just begging to be kicked,...

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04 January 2016
recessed baseboard heater back plate
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Baseboard Heater Installation

The installation of hot water baseboard heaters is pretty straight forward, except when someone decides to mess with convention. Oddly enough we hear hundreds of stories about baseboard heaters being installed "wrong" and "different than what you show on your website". This post will briefly highlight one of the more common unconventional situations; when the original back plate is mounted directly onto the wall studs, which of course prevents the vertical travel requirements for Baseboarders to slip-on. The installation of the copper and finned tube element is never a DIY installation project. This should be left to the pro's. Once the...

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02 April 2014