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baseboard heaters

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The Best Baseboard Radiator Covers

  Those who have spent their hard-earned dollars on the easy slip-on baseboard heater cover renovation solution during the past seven years have come to an overwhelming conclusion - Baseboarders are amazing! We are the company that invented the easy slip-on baseboard heater cover and in this blog post I will break down the key components that go into making the best baseboard radiator cover available anywhere. Let's start with the problem areas. The most obvious problem evident with hot water baseboard heaters is their incredible lack of attractive design. I think an essential home appliance that is found in just about...

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01 June 2015
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Painting Baseboard Heaters

This is weird; our number one competitor is spray paint. Yes that time-honored tradition of painting old, rusty, crappy, ugly, dinged-up, dirty, dented baseboard heaters is alive and well in America. A house full of baby blue heaters is just a few weeks of hard labor away. I regularly discuss the pros and cons of this liquid rejuvenation with customers that call our toll free number for advice. In fact, I am quite happy to suggest painting as the best option when it is in fact the best solution for the customer. So lets consider a few realities. Baseboarders aren't cheap. But...

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02 November 2013