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The easiest way to renovate ugly old baseboard heaters
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baseboard radiator covers. baseboard radiators

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Outside 90 Degree Corners

Baseboard heater covers have to mimic the layout of the baseboard heaters themselves at every turn. There are two standard turning angles in residential construction in North America; 90 degrees and 135 degrees (also known as a bay window corner). This post will focus on the outside 90 degree angle.   A rare species of baseboard heater cover, the rarely photographed outside 90 degree corner, is often a sign of poor planning when the finned tube element was laid out. While inside 90 degree corners are extremely common, the 3" protrusion created at an outside corner is just begging to be kicked,...

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04 January 2016
cleaning baseboard heaters
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Cleaning Baseboard Radiators

Late summer is an ideal time of year to get your baseboard radiators ready for the heating season ahead. Believe it or not, few people actually take the time to clean out the lint and dust bunnies that accumulate inside the heater. The job is essentially the only regular maintenance hydronic baseboard heaters need, however there seems to be some kind of false logic out there that baseboard radiators don't require regular maintenance. Don't be fooled just because it's the one major appliance in your home that doesn't have moving parts. Baseboard heaters work by creating lots and lots of surface...

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01 September 2014