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Baseboarders Elliptus – The Curved Baseboard Heater Cover

It's been a busy few months around this place. After about a year in development, the world's first curved slip-on baseboard heater cover has arrived; Baseboarders Elliptus. Not to be confused with the recent trend in TV screens, this curve is about a fresh new look. On this new offering, we use the same galvanized steel and powder coated finish that is consistent with all Baseboarders product lines. The curve is formed from a progressive set of 160 degree brake forms that is nearly indistinguishable from a true ellipse. Similar to our manufacturing techniques for Basic, the Elliptus is punched right...

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01 October 2015
baseboarders reviews
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Baseboarders Reviews

Baseboarders are the highest rated baseboard heater cover renovation solution. How do we know this? Hundreds of posted reviews, direct customer feedback and non-stop sales growth. Not bad for a company that only does one thing. Product reviews have become one of the most powerful motivators for consumers to buy things. It's pretty evident the online peer-review system has many benefits over traditional hard-copy publications. The ease of instantly learning the opinions of others from far and wide about a specific product is empowering. Trusting the source of that information is what separates the good from the bad. It's a pretty...

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02 August 2015
baseboard radiator designs
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The Best Baseboard Radiator Covers

  Those who have spent their hard-earned dollars on the easy slip-on baseboard heater cover renovation solution during the past seven years have come to an overwhelming conclusion - Baseboarders are amazing! We are the company that invented the easy slip-on baseboard heater cover and in this blog post I will break down the key components that go into making the best baseboard radiator cover available anywhere. Let's start with the problem areas. The most obvious problem evident with hot water baseboard heaters is their incredible lack of attractive design. I think an essential home appliance that is found in just about...

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01 June 2015
home depot baseboard heating covers
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The Home Depot and Lowe’s: Retailing Baseboard Heater Covers

Back in 2008 we launched the original one size fits most easy slip-on baseboard heater cover solution. There's been hundreds of 5 star reviews, numerous complimentary phone calls from customers and lots of interest from the trade press along the way. But to get the attention of the big box stores, it has taken some serious effort. We've been fortunate to have formed a vendor relationship with The Home Depot. Based in Atlanta, this retail behemoth has confirmed Baseboarders are not only a worthy addition to their heating and hydronics product range, but are also offering their customers a far better...

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01 May 2015
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How To Make Baseboard Heater Covers

Making baseboard heater covers in large quantities requires really good tools. The mass production of Baseboarders adhere to a well thought-out methodology for producing consistent geometry over the very long term while maintaining quality standards typically found in finely crafted home furnishings. This means that an endcap you ordered six years ago will be a perfect fit on a panel that comes off the new brake press (above) next week. Computer controlled machinery for sheet metal fabrication has enabled small to medium sized companies like ours to benefit from incredibly accurate shearing and brake forming. The video above is a recent...

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01 March 2015
customer service
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The Customer Service Experience

There is a serious problem with the current state of customer service. For the most part it's just awful. I set out in 2008 to take advantage of our companies' position as a small company making a high quality unique product. We wanted to not only be the leader in our niche industry, but also stand out in how we interacted with our customers. Here's how we do it. You're Talking To The Boss Could you imagine calling the toll free number for Microsoft customer service and having Mr. Gates himself pick-up? Well of course that won't happen, not only is he...

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01 January 2015
ugly baseboard heater
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Baseboard Radiators And The Renovation Dilemma

It doesn't matter if you call them baseboard radiators, baseboard heaters, perimeter heaters, baseboard registers or those old metal rads; it's all the same thing. What most people will agree on is that they're ugly. So what are you supposed to do? From my experience there are two routes. The first and most common is to just paint them. Not very effective though. The other way is the dummy replacement method. Usually not a DIY job as it involves slow tedious skilled work that leads to less than impressive results. It's also worth considering that the labor costs can be...

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02 November 2014
cleaning baseboard heaters
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Cleaning Baseboard Radiators

Late summer is an ideal time of year to get your baseboard radiators ready for the heating season ahead. Believe it or not, few people actually take the time to clean out the lint and dust bunnies that accumulate inside the heater. The job is essentially the only regular maintenance hydronic baseboard heaters need, however there seems to be some kind of false logic out there that baseboard radiators don't require regular maintenance. Don't be fooled just because it's the one major appliance in your home that doesn't have moving parts. Baseboard heaters work by creating lots and lots of surface...

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01 September 2014
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Custom Baseboard Heater Covers

We get a good number of phone calls from customers who are absolutely sure their baseboard heaters are a custom size. Most of the time they're wrong - but that's usually a good thing. Standardization in the finned tube element heating business 60 years ago means our Baseboarders Patent Pending one size fits most design will easily slide over just about everything out there. There is however a plethora of odd lengths in existence, and that's what this post is all about. When it comes to the overall span (length) of a baseboard heater, they tend to follow multiples of the...

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01 August 2014
section with finned tube element cover
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Replacement Baseboard Heater Covers

It used to be standard procedure. When your old baseboard heater covers start rusting you had to replace them. The whole kit and caboodle. Call in the plumber at $60/hour. Not anymore. The crazy thing is, some people still haven't heard about easy slip-on Baseboarders. It's not a gimmick. Not a temporary solution. Not a here today gone tomorrow thingy. This is how millions of tired rusty baseboard heaters are being rejuvenated. DIY style, of course. Finned tube element is a great way to heat an interior space. It was the most common form of home heating installed in new homes during...

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01 July 2014