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The easiest way to renovate ugly old baseboard heaters
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dummy covers

low cost baseboard heater covers
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The Real Cost of Baseboard Heater Covers

Time for a true price comparison. Baseboarders vs the competition. Aesthetically few would argue that Baseboarders have any competitors at all. But for those carefully monitoring their renovation dollars, here's how the numbers shake out. The Dummy Covers If you need a primer on dummy covers, see our post from May 2013. Dummy covers are cheap to buy and very expensive to install. - Retail price per linear foot (big box stores) - $9 - Time needed to replace the old covers - Minimum 20 minutes per foot. This involves removal, patching the wall and then installing the new ones. Watch it happen here. - Average hourly...

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03 February 2015
ugly baseboard heater
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Baseboard Radiators And The Renovation Dilemma

It doesn't matter if you call them baseboard radiators, baseboard heaters, perimeter heaters, baseboard registers or those old metal rads; it's all the same thing. What most people will agree on is that they're ugly. So what are you supposed to do? From my experience there are two routes. The first and most common is to just paint them. Not very effective though. The other way is the dummy replacement method. Usually not a DIY job as it involves slow tedious skilled work that leads to less than impressive results. It's also worth considering that the labor costs can be...

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02 November 2014
before and after baseboarders
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Discount Baseboard Heater Covers

There has been a change in how old baseboard heaters are decoratively rejuvenated. Perfectly functional, yet ugly as sin baseboard radiators are everywhere. Their reputation is undisputed. But it should be made clear that the design of hot water baseboard is so good that finned tube element from the Truman era continues to still put out reliable heat year after year. While the three decades following the end of WWII marked a boom era for so called "perimeter heat" folks nowadays are seeking out low cost ways to restore these things. So where are the deep discounts on baseboard heater covers?...

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03 May 2014