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replacement baseboard heater covers

low cost baseboard heater covers
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The Real Cost of Baseboard Heater Covers

Time for a true price comparison. Baseboarders vs the competition. Aesthetically few would argue that Baseboarders have any competitors at all. But for those carefully monitoring their renovation dollars, here's how the numbers shake out. The Dummy Covers If you need a primer on dummy covers, see our post from May 2013. Dummy covers are cheap to buy and very expensive to install. - Retail price per linear foot (big box stores) - $9 - Time needed to replace the old covers - Minimum 20 minutes per foot. This involves removal, patching the wall and then installing the new ones. Watch it happen here. - Average hourly...

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03 February 2015
baseboard heater dangers
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Baseboard Heater Safety

Last year I posted what turned out to be a wildly popular piece on baseboard heaters and child safety. Seems like a whole lotta people have genuine safety concerns about their baseboard heaters. In the interest of adding more details to the discussion, let's go through the known dangers associated with fixed-position finned tube element space heating. Electric vs Hot Water Baseboard Heaters First we need to clarify a couple of things. There are two types of baseboard heaters; electric and hot water (aka hydronic). If you have electric baseboard heaters - pay attention. If your baseboard heaters are fed with hot...

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02 October 2014
baseboard heater emitter
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Hot Water Baseboard Heaters

Hot water is used as an energy-transporting medium to heat homes in many cold climates around the world today. When heated water runs through finned tube element installed where the wall and floor intersect, it's called hot water baseboard heating, or hydronic baseboard. Let's take a look at hot water baseboard heaters and their particular renovation needs and unique features. The Basics First thing; these aren't electric baseboard heaters. Unlike the all-in-one electric baseboard heaters that just plug in, hydronic heating is a system of various components that, like the proverbial iceberg, reveal little in plain sight. The process starts with a...

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03 March 2014