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peeing on heaters
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Peeing On Baseboard Heaters

Yuk. I've held off dealing with this regular inquiry for a while now. The all too common question most folks are embarrassed to ask straight up. "Will your baseboard heater covers really resist rusting, even if they get peed on?" The answer of course is yes. Urine is pretty nasty stuff, but it cannot get through the two layers of finish we apply to Baseboarders. Baseboard heating and bathrooms are a difficult combination. Bathrooms for the most part are tiny rooms where all sorts of electrical and plumbing fixtures are crammed in. This leaves a minimal amount of available floor space...

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01 June 2014
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Painting Baseboard Heaters

This is weird; our number one competitor is spray paint. Yes that time-honored tradition of painting old, rusty, crappy, ugly, dinged-up, dirty, dented baseboard heaters is alive and well in America. A house full of baby blue heaters is just a few weeks of hard labor away. I regularly discuss the pros and cons of this liquid rejuvenation with customers that call our toll free number for advice. In fact, I am quite happy to suggest painting as the best option when it is in fact the best solution for the customer. So lets consider a few realities. Baseboarders aren't cheap. But...

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02 November 2013
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The Ugly Baseboard Heater

It would seem to me that baseboard heaters were never designed to be visually appealing. This is why I developed the easy slip-on baseboard heater cover back in 2007. Our company is now the world's largest manufacturer of slip-on baseboard heater covers. This first blog post is an opportunity to share my experience from six years ago trying to figure out what to do with a house full of hydronic baseboard heaters that were an eyesore yet perfectly functional (and greatly appreciated in winter). I was aware that replacement covers were available, but they required the old covers to be completely...

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25 May 2013