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rusty heater

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Rusting Old Baseboard Heaters

Have you ever seen a rusty old baseboard heater? Who hasn't? They're pretty much everywhere. Everything made of steel will eventually rust and return to the earth. This is an undeniable fact and metal baseboard heaters located next to a toilet are definitely no exception. The one thing that is within our control as manipulators of this natural resource is to delay the inevitable process of oxidation. Way back in the 1950's when hydronic baseboard radiators were first being installed in hundreds of thousands of homes throughout North America, there was little thought put into how long the covers would last....

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02 November 2015
peeing on heaters
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Peeing On Baseboard Heaters

Yuk. I've held off dealing with this regular inquiry for a while now. The all too common question most folks are embarrassed to ask straight up. "Will your baseboard heater covers really resist rusting, even if they get peed on?" The answer of course is yes. Urine is pretty nasty stuff, but it cannot get through the two layers of finish we apply to Baseboarders. Baseboard heating and bathrooms are a difficult combination. Bathrooms for the most part are tiny rooms where all sorts of electrical and plumbing fixtures are crammed in. This leaves a minimal amount of available floor space...

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01 June 2014