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The easy slip-on baseboard heater covers. No tools installation, child safe one-piece design and the best rust free guarantee in the industry.

Baseboarders® Basic

The best value in easy slip-on baseboard heater covers.

Baseboarders® Premium

The industry standard original easy slip-on baseboard heater cover.

Baseboarders® Elliptus

The worlds first and only curved easy slip-on baseboard heater cover.

Baseboard Heater Cover Manufacturing

Take a look at this new piece of equipment designed for precise brake forming. All Baseboarders components are made from the latest computer controlled sheet metal fabrication equipment.

Custom Cut Lengths For Baseboarders®

An easy DIY project. Baseboarders panels can be cut down to custom lengths using a few simple tools. Using rotary power tools such as a Dremel or zip cut saw will also work, but hand shears will produce the best quality cut edge...

Baseboarders® - Endcaps

There are three different variations on the standard baseboard heater cover endcap. Learn about when to use each of the different styles.

Baseboarders® - Retrofitting Guide

This is a companion video to our official baseboard heater covers retrofitting guide.

Baseboarders® - The Easy Slip-on Baseboard Heater Cover

Baseboarders are the easy way to renovate old and crappy baseboard heaters. This video shows how amazing they look and the incredible ease of the DIY installation. No tools, no hired help, no rust.

Baseboarders® - Installation By A Four Year Old.

Easy slip-on Baseboarders installed by a little kid. It doesn't get much easier than this.

Baseboard Heater Covers - The Easiest Way To Renovate Ugly Old Baseboard Heaters

The easiest way to renovate ugly old baseboard heaters.

Baseboard Heater Covers Do It Yourself Easy Renovation

The easiest way to renovate old ugly baseboard heater covers.