Baseboarders | Baseboard Heater Covers HOWTO
The easiest way to renovate ugly old baseboard heaters
baseboard heater radiator covers
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Baseboard Heater Covers How-to Videos


The complete video how-to library. Watch how to install baseboard heater covers and see how easy it really is.


The easy slip-on baseboard heater covers. No tools installation, child safe one-piece design and the best rust free guarantee in...
Baseboarders® Basic
The best value in easy slip-on baseboard heater covers.
Baseboarders® Premium
The industry standard original easy slip-on baseboard heater cover.
Baseboarders® Elliptus
The worlds first and only curved easy slip-on baseboard heater cover.
Baseboard Heater Cover Manufacturing
Take a look at this new piece of equipment designed for precise brake forming. All Baseboarders components are made from...
Custom Cut Lengths For Baseboarders®
An easy DIY project. Baseboarders panels can be cut down to custom lengths using a few simple tools. Using rotary...
Baseboarders® - Endcaps
There are three different variations on the standard baseboard heater cover endcap. Learn about when to use each of the...
Baseboarders® - Retrofitting Guide
This is a companion video to our official baseboard heater covers retrofitting guide found at
Baseboarders® - The Easy Slip-on Baseboard Heater Cover Baseboarders are the easy way to renovate old and crappy baseboard heaters. This video shows how amazing they look...
Baseboarders® - Installation By A Four Year Old. Easy slip-on Baseboarders installed by a little kid. It doesn't get much easier than this.
Baseboard Heater Covers Do It Yourself Easy Renovation
The easiest way to renovate old ugly baseboard heater covers.