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The Easiest Way To Renovate Baseboard Heaters 

If you have hydronic baseboard heaters, you have reliable and comfortable heating. The only problem – they're ugly. But that's about to change.

We manufacture the only one-size-fits-most perforated steel decorative Baseboard Heater Covers that easily slip over your existing baseboard heaters. This sleek transformation takes only a couple of minutes to install and the results will amaze. The Do It Yourself installation process will not require the use of any tools or hired help. Baseboarders® brand baseboard heater covers are the number one choice of remodelers and home owners who want their old baseboard radiators to look and perform like new. Baseboarders® have won numerous awards and are recognized as the premier baseboard heater improvement product.

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Easy Slip-on Baseboard Heater Covers Will Transform An Eyesore Into An Architectural Highlight

Your home's heating system is vitally important. So why should it look so ugly and out of date? The fact is the original covers were never designed to last long. Thin bits of sheet metal attached to each other with complicated bracketry requiring special skills and tools to install and uninstall guarantee future revenue for heating contractors. Cheap "dummy cover" replacements are expensive to install and look exactly the same, minus the dents and rust spots. Take control of what your baseboard heaters look like and find out why so many have transformed their baseboard radiators from ugly to awesome.

Base Board Heater Covers

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