How to Make Baseboard Heater Covers

Making baseboard heater covers in large quantities requires really good tools. The mass production of Baseboarders adhere to a well thought-out methodology for producing consistent geometry over the very long term while maintaining quality standards typically found in finely crafted home furnishings. This means that an endcap you ordered six years ago will be a perfect fit on a panel that comes off the new brake press (above) next week. Computer controlled machinery for sheet metal fabrication has enabled small to medium sized companies like ours to benefit from incredibly accurate shearing and brake forming.

The video above is a recent demonstration showing how Baseboarders panels are formed. In the video it appears that the operator is just feeding the sheet into the press at random depths. What is actually happening behind the tool is a set of guides are moving back and forth to govern the position of the sheet. The guides change their location according to the machine's program. Switching from Baseboarders Premium to Baseboarders Basic is done with a single touch on the LCD touchscreen.

For more details on how Baseboarders are made, see our feature presentation.