Baseboarders® Warranty

We build Baseboarders® to last and we've got the best warranty in the business.

Baseboarders® are made of steel that is galvanized. Galvanizing is a process that uses an electric charge to "stick on" a thin coating of zinc. We then apply an epoxy-based powder coated layer over top of the zinc. With two layers of protective coatings between the raw steel and the elements, we are confident all of our standard products will last a very long time before the natural oxidation process can start. The warranty covers the finish against the onset of rust. We also cover any damage to the product while in transit. Goods received with damage must be reported to the manufacturer within 72 hours of delivery.

Baseboarders® products should only be cleaned with mild soap on a damp cloth.  Be sure to thoroughly dry panels and accessories if exposed to any amount of moisture to help prevent against the development of rust.