About Baseboarders®

We are the original creators of covers and accessories that slip over an existing baseboard heating unit for the easiest update you'll ever do.

You don't have to hire a pro or go through the hassle of cutting the backplates off the wall. Our rust-resistant covers work for nearly every type of baseboard heater.

Our one-piece perforated steel design is the solution of choice throughout North America. Baseboarders® heater covers have become the most popular hydronic baseboard heater renovation product in the industry.

Baseboarders®, The Original Baseboard Heating Cover Solution

Baseboarders® was the first to bring you slip-on steel baseboard heater covers for an instant DIY update.

Here’s why the original is the best.

  • Baseboarders® are made of 18-24 gauge powder-coated steel, which is both durable and conducts heat efficiently
  • Baseboarders® heater covers are simple and cost efficient; you can skip the cost of labor and just slip them over your existing back plates
  • We backup our products with the best customer service in the industry plus a warranty against rust

Committed to Personalized Service

We are dedicated to hearing and responding to your needs. From technical specification to delivery questions, help with installation to warranty issues, we are willing and responsive.

Our team is ready to help you with whatever you need. Get in touch today!

North American Company

We manufacture Baseboarders® in Canada.

Keeping manufacturing in North America means we can provide a superior level of

  • Quality control
  • Customer support
  • Custom cut panel lengths to fit project needs
  • Powder coat special colors (US only)

Going Above & Beyond

Going the extra mile is how we do business. It is the foundation for our products and it’s the way we interact with our customers.

Every Baseboarders® product is

  • Made from 18-24 gauge steel for high durability
  • Powder-coated for protection against rust
  • Affordable because you don’t have to have it professionally installed

    We offer full refunds on returns and a solid warranty, but we also offer customization on any order (custom cuts are final sale).