Electric Baseboard Heater Covers

Electric Baseboard Heater Covers

Update Your Outdated, Bulky Cover for a Streamlined Aesthetic
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Electric Baseboard Heater Cover Kit

The Electric Baseboard Cover Kit features our Premium Tall style. The extended height of this style provides additional space between the top of the electric baseboard heater and the underside of the cover’s top panel. It is the only style that we recommend for use with electric baseboard heaters to accommodate heating elements and allow for proper air flow. The kit includes everything you need for successful installation:

  • 1 Panel
  • 2 Closed Endcaps
  • 2-3 Wall Brackets, depending on panel length
3'-6' standard panel lengths in White

Configuration Compatibility: Straight only, no corners
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Why Baseboarders® for Electric Baseboard Heat?

Premium Aesthetic:
Baseboarders provides a sleek design profile to complement the interior design of your home.
Child Safety:
Our one piece panel design helps keep little fingers from reaching inside the electric heater and from putting toys inside the unit where they would pose a fire risk. Note: the cover will get hot, similar to the temperature of the electric baseboard heater itself.
Easy Installation:
Self-installation, no electrician needed.

About the Electric Baseboard Heater Cover Kit

Extended Height:
Creating space around your electric baseboard unit is key. Our taller panel cover creates the most height difference between the top of the electric baseboard heater and the underside of the cover’s top panel.
Optimal Airflow:
Our perforated panel design (1/8 inch diameter perforations) allows for optimal airflow and a ¾ inch opening at the bottom keeps air intake unrestricted.
Safety in Mind:
The opening at the bottom also keeps the panel cover, which will get hot when the heater is on, away from your flooring surfaces.

  • How to Measure

    Learn if your electric unit is compatible
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  • How to Install

    Learn how to install wall brackets at the correct height
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Safety is Our Priority

Though Baseboarders® products are designed for use on hydronic baseboard heaters, they can be used on electric baseboard heaters with some forethought.

Read additional safety information (PDF)

  • Because steel is a heat conductor, our panels and accessories will be hot to the touch when used with electric heaters – the same as with your existing heater cover.
  • Always be careful when placing items near the hot surfaces of electric heaters.
  • The panel cover features a perforated design (1/8 inch diameter perforations) for optimal airflow, and a ¾ inch opening at the bottom for unrestricted air intake.
Disclaimer: Electric baseboard heating does carry a risk of fire. Refer to its owner’s manual for more information.

Please read our additional safety information to know if your electric unit is compatible with our cover.