Basic Baseboard Heater Cover

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Basic Baseboard Heater Cover

A Truly Modern Look

While some describe it as “techy”, the ultra clean lines of the Basic product line are a refreshing alternative to the 1950’s style that has dominated this industry. On this product we use a slightly thinner gauge of galvanized sheet steel, but fear not, the hemmed bottom edge of the panel and top two brake forms still maintain a very rigid profile even on the long 6′ lengths.

Baseboarders® Basic is the ideal choice for a pairing with contemporary decor styles. It’s quite simply an unbeatable value for your renovation dollars.

  1. Clip to capture the hemmed bottom edge of the panel.
  2. Embossed logo for authenticity.
  3. Endcaps are fabricated in 22 gauge galvanized sheet steel.
  4. Panels are fabricated in 24 gauge galvanized sheet steel.
  5. Holes are 1/8" in diameter to allow proper airflow.

Guides & Resources

Use the guides & resources below to help verify your existing baseboard heaters will fit the one-size-fits- most baseboard heater cover replacements

Custom cuts are available at no charge. Just indicate which panels to cut down to what length in the notes section in the cart.
Watch video for tips on DIY panel cutting. We recommend hand shears that are capable of 22 gauge galvanized steel to cut the panels.

Select Panel Lengths & Accessories

  • 3' Basic Baseboard Heater Cover in White
    USD $52.65 each
    SKU BC001-36-WHT

    3′ Length panel. When combined with a pair of Baseboarders® Basic endcaps (sold separately), the panel can span between 36″ and 39.5″.

  • 4' Basic Baseboard Heater Cover in White
    USD $70.20 each
    SKU BC001-48-WHT

    4′ Length panel. When combined with a pair of Baseboarders® Basic endcaps (sold separately), the panel can span between 48″ and 51.5″.

  • 5' Basic Baseboard Heater Cover in White
    USD $87.75 each
    SKU BC001-60-WHT

    5′ Length panel. When combined with a pair of Baseboarders® Basic endcaps (sold separately), the panel can span between 60″ and 63.5″.

  • 6' Basic Baseboard Heater Cover in White
    USD $105.30 each
    SKU BC001-72-WHT

    6′ Length panel. When combined with a pair of Baseboarders® Basic endcaps (sold separately), the panel can span between 72″ and 75.5″.

  • Wall Bracket in White (screw included) in White
    USD $2.95 each
    SKU WB001-WHT

    Typically used when the original back plate has been removed, when the original back plate is less than 7.5″ in height or in new construction environments. This wall bracket will mount ALL Baseboarders panels.

  • Basic Coupler in White
    USD $13.45 each
    SKU CP004-WHT

    Overlaps two panels that are butted up together in a long heater length situation. Basic accessories will only fit Basic panels.

  • Basic Closed Endcap - Right Side in White
    USD $17.25 each
    SKU EC004-RT-WHT

    Used when the copper pipe bends down into the floor or the wall behind the heater. The right side is defined as YOUR right when facing the heater. Basic accessories will only fit Basic panels.

  • Basic Closed Endcap - Left Side in White
    USD $17.25 each
    SKU EC004-LF-WHT

    Used when the copper pipe bends down into the floor or the wall behind the heater. The left side is defined as YOUR left when facing the heater.Basic accessories will only fit Basic panels.

  • Basic Inside 90 Degree Corner in White
    USD $17.55 each
    SKU IC004-WHT

    Used when two heaters meet at an INSIDE (heaters point away from you) 90 degree angle. Basic accessories will only fit Basic panels.

  • Need help with your configuration? No Problem!

    Just enter the inches you’re looking for and we’ll recommend the combination of sizes you’ll need. Don’t forget the couplers.

    Enter Inches


5 stars
41 reviews
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Eric W. | Aug 06, 2020

The baseboards were amazing! We just bought a new house and these baseboards really spruced up the basement and save us significant time & work with their ease of installation.

Top product & service
Matthew B. | Aug 06, 2020

The product looks great, easy to install. I made a measuring mistake and customer service caught it, contacted me and corrected my error before sending. Shipment arrived within 24 hours. Great service.

Thank you!
Karen R. | Aug 06, 2020

Hello. I just want to thank you so, so much for the amazing customer service! You were so incredibly helpful & the baseboards came so quickly! Everyone who has seen them loves them. I told everyone (2 plumbers, 3 contractors, electricians etc.) to recommend you to everyone

Great Product
4 stars
Joanne R. | Aug 06, 2020

Great product at a great price with excellent follow up

5 stars
Jay C. | Aug 06, 2020

Style, looks, and finish. very easy to install. love it !!!

Look so much better
5 stars
Dayna D. | Aug 06, 2020

They look so much better then the old covers and the easy install

Look wonderful
5 stars
Michael K. | Aug 06, 2020

Look wonderful, literally took me less than 5 minutes to put together. Great product.

Gorgeous product
5 stars
Leta T. | Dec 31, 2019

The baseboard is gorgeous and just what we wanted! When we can afford to replace the whole house we will be back to baseboarders! This one we bought will be seen right when you walk into our newly remodeled bathroom and it makes a huge difference! It also was sent out and delivered so fast I was surprised to see it by our front door so soon! Thank you!

Why I continue to order
5 stars
Timothy K. | Dec 31, 2019

Overall appearance and ease of installation are the two biggest contributing factors to my continued purchase of baseboaders

Love the look
5 stars
Deanna L. | Dec 31, 2019

They look sooo much better than the old baseboards. I love the look!

5 stars
Jeffrey B. | Dec 31, 2019

Quality is excellent and paint is a+.

Great product & easy install
5 stars
Craig S. | Dec 31, 2019

You are what you say you are!!!!! Great product and easy to install.

Easy Installation
5 stars
David S. | Dec 20, 2019

Wow. Beautiful and way easier to install than it even sounded on the website

Exceeded my expectations
5 stars
Ellis D. | Dec 20, 2019

Thank you for the replacement piece!!!!!!! It came yesterday. I greatly appreciate it and will definitely give a good word for your product and customer service. It exceeded my expectations.

Good product
4 stars
Natalie L. | Dec 20, 2019

They did exactly what they advertised they would do

Will be buying more
5 stars
Marcia J. | Dec 20, 2019

The quality of your product is extremely durable and beautiful. No other industry on the market has what you produce. I have been buying your product for the past 5yrs and it looks like I just got it yesterday. Spanking white with, no rust or wear n tear. Will be buying more!

Looks Great
5 stars
Ty. P | Dec 20, 2019

Product looks great! We will definitely be actively trying to sell these to future clients

Install was a breeze
5 stars
Anthony V. | Dec 20, 2019

Thanks for the fast shipping!!! Great product, install was a breeze.

Very Happy with Products
5 stars
Curtis H. | Oct 14, 2019

I installed the baseboard covers, and they look absolutely amazing! I’m very very happy with your products. Makes my house look very high-end all of a sudden.

Excellent Product
5 stars
Barbara H. | Aug 27, 2019

Excellent service, very responsive to questions and excellent product!

Looks Spectacular
5 stars
Gina Marie | Aug 15, 2019

We have replaced 3 of our heater covers with your product and couldn't be happier. I eventually want to replace every single one in our house with your product!! It’s great quality and looks spectacular!

Howard H.
5 stars
Great product | Aug 15, 2019

It is a great product and we are already planning on ordering more as we work through the rooms in our home.

Good all around
5 stars
Chris F. | Aug 02, 2019

Good service over the phone, quick delivery, good product.

Really easy to install
5 stars
Jeff M. | Aug 02, 2019

The process was easy, the product looks great and it’s really easy to install. I use them in my apartments that I am remodeling and they look great. I’ve told other guys about them

Quick delivery and an excellent product.
5 stars
Louis M. | Aug 02, 2019

Great on-line service. Quick delivery and an excellent product. Completely changed both bathroom baseboard eyesores to eyepops!

The covers look great
5 stars
John M. | Jun 24, 2019

The covers look great, they're distinctive, and they appear to be very well made, with heavy metal and excellent coatings.

5 stars
Thomas H. | Jun 20, 2019

Awesome service by your company

Good customer service
5 stars
Bob M. | Jun 20, 2019

Correct sizing, Easy install, Fast delivery, Good customer service

A Welcomed Update
4 stars
Shannon | Jun 04, 2019

A welcomed updated look from my ugly old baseboard register covers and the shipping was really fast

Easy to install and the fit is good
5 stars
Matt B. | Jun 04, 2019

Product looks great, got complimented immediately. Customer service was friendly when I called. Shipped same day I ordered it and received it in 2 days. Easy to install and the fit is good. I will use these baseboard covers again.

5 stars
Colleen | May 21, 2019

I am so impressed with your service and your product. I will recommend Baseboarders to all my friends and fellow fixer-uppers.

Fits my style
5 stars
Peter S. | Apr 17, 2019

Prompt delivery, Product installs as advertised and it fits my home's modern style.

Highly Recommend
5 stars
Deryl E. | Apr 17, 2019

Ease of installation. We did three rooms. Liked the new baseboards so much we finished the rest of the house this week. Highly recommend these baseboards.

Worth it!
5 stars
Stitchingator | Dec 20, 2018

I replaced the rusted out old Slant-fins in my laundry room and bathroom with these and it was worth every penny. The Slant-fins were a bit less expensive, but it would have taken me much longer to replace only to have them rust again eventually. I work from home and any time I can save doing house repairs can be devoted to my business which is a much higher return for my time invested. I am also a stay-at-home mom, so like doing repair projects myself when I can because then I know it's done right. These installed in minutes and look great. Easy to trim to size with a hacksaw (to help cut thru the hem) and tin snips and finish edge with a metal file. No issues with shipping or anything. Planning to buy more as others around the house need replacing.

Very easy to install…
5 stars
Handyman12 | Dec 20, 2018

Very easy to install and it took approximately five minutes. A huge improvement from the previous dented and rusted cover.

I bought this to replace the baseboard cover in the front hall, which was falling apart.
4 stars
Liz | Dec 20, 2018

I bought this to replace the baseboard cover in the front hall, which was falling apart. It was very easy to install, even with the heat on (the temps were close to zero, so I didn't want to turn the heat off). They look a lot better than the old baseboards, and without the big slot the baseboards are essentially toddler-proof. The baseboard covers in my kids' room is also falling apart (again, toddlers). I plan to replace it with this.

Excellent quality, durable finish and thick metal.
5 stars
JHop12 | Dec 20, 2018

Excellent quality, durable finish and thick metal. Install was almost too simple. Ensure you clean your fin tube and surrounding area while the old cover is off to ensure you have efficient heat.

Super easy to put on. Looks great…
5 stars
Jace | Dec 20, 2018

Super easy to put on. Looks great. Way better than the standard dated ones your probably trying to replace if you’re reading this. You don’t need to be handy to put on. No tools required. A child can do it without instructions.

5 stars
Bill | Dec 20, 2018

Amazing. These covers are astoundingly easy to install and are beautiful. A real addition to rooms. Great job!

Look great & were easy to install
5 stars
Kimberlee | Dec 20, 2018

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how VERY pleased I am with my baseboard heater covers, delivery time and customer service! Thank you very much – they look great & were as easy to install as the YouTube video showed!

I would highly recommend them
5 stars
Macauley | Dec 20, 2018

I recently did a renovation on my home. Of all of the products I researched and watched tutorials for Baseboarders heater covers were the only product that was as easy to use and install as the video made it appear. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a clean and modern look for their home baseboard heating.

Questions & Answers

Q: Can Baseboarders™ panels be custom cut?

A: Yes, panels can be custom cut at the factory or you can cut them onsite using this tutorial.

Q: How can I get a 2' panel in Basic? 

A: Purchase a 36" Basic panel and request to have it custom cut to 24" or you may cut the panel onsite using the steps in the following video link

Q: How thick is the metal used on the panels and endcaps?  

A: Basic panels are 24 gauge steel and Basic endcaps are 22 gauge steel.

Q: How can I use Basic panels for an application that is longer than 6 feet? 

A: Use two Basic panels side by side and place a Basic coupler (CP004) over the area where the panels meet.  Example:  For an 8 foot application, use (2) 4' panels and a coupler.

Q: Can I use Premium accessories on a Basic panel?

A: Premium accessories will only fit Premium panels due to the differences in design.  Basic accessories are the only option for Basic panels.

Q: How do I measure for panels that meet in a 90-degree corner?

A: Remove endcap and measure side 1 from pipe to corner (wall).  Then subtract 3'' for depth of the adjacent cover. Repeat with side 2.  This will allow space for the panels to meet in the corner piece.

Q: Since the Basic line doesn't offer open endcaps and zero clearance endcaps, what can I use when these are needed for my application? 

A: A Basic coupler (CP004) often can be used to function as a substitute for these accessories when using Basic panels.

Q: What if my back plate height is shorter than the Basic panel or endcaps height?

A: You will need to use Baseboarders™ wall brackets (WB001) to raise the application up enough to accommodate the height of the endcap (7-1/2").  Height of the wall bracket is 1-1/4".

Q: What if I no longer have the back plate for my baseboard heater?

A: You will need to use Baseboarders™ wall brackets (WB001) to secure the lip of the panel.  Panels 5' or less will need 2 brackets.  6' and 7' panels will need 3 brackets.

Q: How many wall brackets are needed for each panel?

A: Panels 5' or less will need 2 WB001 wall brackets.  6' and 7' panels will need 3 WB001 wall brackets.

Q: Can Baseboarders™ panels be used on electric baseboard heaters?

A: Baseboarders™ product lines are designed for hydronic baseboard heaters, but will work for electric baseboard heaters as well. Note: When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury to persons. Baseboarders are made of steel and will become just as hot as the original covers of electric baseboard heaters.  

Q: Can Baseboarders™ panels and accessories be painted? 

A: Yes, you can use the latex or enamel paint of your choice with a roller or spray can. 

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