Everything You Need to Know to Install Baseboard Heater Covers You Learned in Middle School Science Class

Everything you need to know to install baseboard heater covers you learned in middle school science class. Get it done in two minutes with this quick guide.

10 days ago

2nd Place Baseboarders® Photo Contest Winner

This stand-out remodel was named 2nd place winner in our photo contest thanks in part to two-year-old Cavapoo, Roy.

2 months ago

Nice Baseboard Heater Covers Save the Day

Our four designs are more than just nice baseboard heater covers. They are the most flexible baseboard covers on the market. Take a closer look today.

3 months ago

Steel vs Plastic or Wood Baseboard Heater Covers

Which material is best? Metal is an important element to the success of baseboard heating. Here's a comparison of steel, plastic, and wood baseboard heater covers.

3 months ago