15 DIY Home Upgrades You Can Do Before Guests Arrive

Whether you’re entertaining a houseful for the holidays or you simply have friends coming for a summer weekend, inviting people over makes you see your home with new eyes.

Try one (or several) of these easy DIY home updates you can complete in a weekend. It will give you the refresh you need before friends and family start rolling in.


#1 Front Porch

Give the front porch a refresh by painting the front door and sprucing up the landscaping. If you have a large front porch add some new furniture. A doormat and wreath are simple upgrades that welcome your guests warmly. Consider a new light fixture to draw attention to your updated porch.

#2 Art

Adding some art to the wall makes the room feel like a whole different space. The effect is even greater if you choose art that becomes the centerpiece of the room. Bright colors, large size, or interesting subjects ensure at least some of the conversation will revolve around your art.

#3 Light Fixtures

With a minimal amount of electrical know-how, you can replace light fixtures quickly and easily. A chandelier or pendant light can have a big impact. Wall sconces and lamps add more ambiance and shift the feel of a space.


Gold bathroom faucet with marble countertops.

#4 Faucets & Showerheads

Do something nice for your guests and install a new rain showerhead, body jets, or other shower luxury. You’ll pamper your friends and get a bathroom refresh that will last. Faucets are an easy update too. Get rid of those hard water stained faucets and replace them with some new shiny faucets. Just be sure you’ve brushed up on your basic plumbing knowledge.

#5 Foyer

Make an impression from the first moment with a few foyer updates. Add a console table, update the decor, do some painting, change a light fixture, swap out a rug. A little effort goes a long way in this small space.

#6 Baseboard Heater Covers

If your home suffers from old unsightly baseboard heater covers, it’s time to give those an update. Baseboarders® has baseboard heater covers you can install in minutes. All you have to do is lift off the old one and replace it with the new one.

#7 Feature Wall

Creating a feature wall is a quick update that totally changes a room with a minimum of effort and time. Paint or wallpaper are great ways to transform a wall. Ceramic tile, tin tile, wainscot, or beadboard work too.

#8 Backsplash

The backsplash can be updated in a weekend and has a huge impact on the kitchen or bathroom. Go for a bold tile or solid surface like stone or glass. Consider extending the backsplash up the wall further and edge your way into a feature wall look.

Dark cabinet hardware against light wood bathroom vanity.

#9 Cabinet Hardware

Give the bathroom or kitchen a recharge with new knobs or pulls. You’d be surprised how much this one little thing can influence the feel of the space. You can set a completely different tone just with new hardware. Don’t overlook the possibility of gold tone, which is a super hot trend right now.

#10 Medicine Cabinet

Give your guests something new to rifle through by adding a new medicine cabinet to the bathroom. Stock it with supplies you know they’ll need. Or if your’e in a playful mood, stock it with shady items that will leave them wondering if they know you very well at all.

#11 Appliances

With guests coming, it’s likely you’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing and cleaning up. Treat yourself to a new refrigerator, dishwasher, or range to make this process easier. A new appliance is also great because it looks nice inside and out. No more worrying about someone discovering that burnt-on sludge on the bottom of the oven.

White drapes in a living space.

#12 Linens & Drapes

Turn your focus to the guest bedroom before your guests arrive. We’re talking about more than just clean linens. How about new linens or new drapes? You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your guests are enjoying the luxury of a refresh in the bedroom.

#13 Ceiling

Like a backsplash or feature wall, the ceiling is a great place to introduce something new. The fifth wall (ceiling) should get some design attention too. Paint it in a contrasting color. Add tin tile or a coffered ceiling. Or simulate a tray ceiling by adding trims and moldings to a ceiling.

#14 Crown Molding

Speaking of molding, crown molding is one of those changes that guests may not notice right away, but it always makes the room feel special. Whether you go with something ornate or simple, this is a change that you can make quickly and have maximum effect.

#15 Throw Pillows

You can shift your color scheme just with the decorative accents in your space. Throw pillows are just one way to do that. There are an endless number of options so it’s easy to make the change and breathe life into your living room.

Change up your home before guests arrive with one (or many) of these quick, easy diy home updates you can do in a weekend. Whether or not your guests notice, everyone will feel the effects of a refreshed space.

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