6 Easy-Breezy Ways to Upgrade Your Home for a Vacation Rental

Are you in a summer vacation state of mind? Imagine having a second destination home you could escape to . . . that is essentially paid for (or better yet, could pay for your next getaway?)

If this concept of ROI and a vacation destination appeal to you, you may want to consider becoming a real estate investor. Whether you own a cabin, condo, timeshare, or a full house, re-envision it as a staycation site for others—especially as many travelers since 2020 are opting out of cramped hotel rooms and cashing in on a “home away from home” feel with Airbnb and rental houses.

An ideal vacation rental with five-star reviews typically revolves around cleanliness, convenient amenities, and all-around comfort. So if you’re ready to invest, here are 6 easy-breezy (and affordable) ways to upgrade your home for a vacation rental that guests will want to return to . . . again and again.

Create an Inviting Outdoor Oasis

Your vacation rental should be comfortable and inviting indoors and out. Pools or hot tubs aside, even easier upgrades can include attractive and ready-to-relax-in seating (a hammock counts!), as well as lighting ambiance for gatherings with portable fire pits, tiki torches, or string lights. Don't forget pretty landscaping too—lush plants and vibrant flowers add natural beauty and eye-catching curb appeal.

Refresh Your Bathroom Features

A vacation bathroom should feel rejuvenating and extra-clean. Make visitors feel like they’re the first guests to experience the space with easy upgrades like new toilet seats and plenty of fresh and fluffy like-new towels, a large streak-free modern mirror, bright lighting fixtures, and updated tweaks like new showerheads or faucet handles. A coat of fresh paint or a backsplash is always a cool addition, too.

Prep the Kitchen Right

Ready to whip your rental kitchen into shape, with no major remodels? When it comes to easy updates, cleanliness is key. Ensure the fridge, oven, and other core appliances are spotless inside and out, and include convenient high-functioning appliances (like a quality coffee maker and blender machine). Better yet, have a 'welcome' booklet with a list of restaurants nearby or local recipes to cook up in the kitchen!

Pop In Fun Surprises in Closets or Drawers

When it comes to rental staycations, give the space a welcoming feel. As an owner, don't be a stranger! Show guests you care (without ever setting foot in the space) by adding in fun extras inside closets like games, sport goods, or even workout equipment; for a cold-weather lodge, add pieces like snowshoes or ice fishing poles. Include coffee table books about the location or a list of local sites and activities to do, too.

Add Ease with Tech-Friendly Amenities 

Make vacation feel seamless for guests with tech-friendly touches in your rental. Try keyless smart home security with a unique lock (rather than deal with easy-to-lose keys). Reliable fast-speed Wi-Fi is a must. Also consider technology indoors and out—from motion lights, easy-access outlets (and additional extra-long USB cords) to Bluetooth music speakers and "Alexa" or Google Home assistance. 

Cover Up Any Floor-to-Ceiling Eyesores

Every house has its flaws. If there are fissures in your ceilings, cover them with molding or plaster and paint; same with walls—disguise with a canvas picture. If floors are outdated or unattractive, there’s no need to do a huge reno; hide them with faux peel-and-stick tiles or decorative rugs. Don’t forget about dingy baseboard heaters. Baseboarders® has mod slip-on covers to transform any room(s). . . in a snap.


There are so many ways to upgrade your home for a vacation rental . . . don’t forget other little extras like decorating each room or providing ample storage solutions, too. With the right balance of function, flow, and aesthetics in your rental space (and the right personal touches), your guests should feel right at home in your vacation rental house.

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