Baseboard Heater End Caps

There seems to be some confusion about baseboard heater end caps. These guys are the bits at the end of the heater that cap off the exposed element and copper pipe. They often go missing. That's usually about the time we get a call. One of the most common questions I get is which style to use. The hydronic baseboard heating industry has only offered two different styles of endcap; open and closed. Our company developed an innovative third style of endcap for difficult to access situations. I have posted the above video to help sort out this confusion. Here, briefly, are the basics:

CLOSED ENDCAP — Used when the copper pipe at the end of the baseboard heater turns down 90 degrees into the floor or into the wall the heater is mounted on.

OPEN ENDCAP — Used when the copper pipe at the end of the baseboard heater continues on straight without bending. Normally this pipe will go through a perpendicular wall into another room with a heater. The large opening at the side of the cap lets the copper pipe pass through.

ZERO CLEARANCE ENDCAP — Invented by Baseboarders in 2012, this "fake" endcap will work in all situations involving a difficult to access baseboard heater termination point. The endcap slips on like a coupler and is visually indistinguishable from a regular end cap. An interesting note on this item; it was developed after feedback and suggestions from our customers.