Bigtime Baseboard Heater Glam Up

When you’ve got wall to wall baseboard heaters, they become a big part of how your space looks, whether you want them to or not. That was the issue Instagram content creator Sarah Gallo (@thefivefoottraveler) ran into in two very large rooms in her home.

Side by side comparison of the space before and after the baseboard heater cover update.

The spacious great room and the similarly sized sunroom both had baseboard heaters nearly all the way around the perimeter making them one of the more forward features of the room. Instead of doing a costly and unnecessary heater update or replacement, Gallo opted for baseboard heater replacement covers. The result was night and day.

Large living area with brick fireplace and white baseboard heater covers.

White on White

White baseboard heater covers against a white wall blended the heating units into the wall, making them less visible. White in combination with ample natural light decreased the prominence of the baseboard heaters because white reflects light, thus keeping attention away from the baseboards.

Close up of new baseboard heater covers.

Enclosing Gaps

Traditional baseboard heater covers have large gaps at the top to allow for airflow. The Baseboarders® design has perforations all over the face of the heater cover, which maintains airflow but also covers up that unsightly gap that drew so much attention before.

Wide view of the space with baseboard heaters on all walls.

Easy Glam Up

Hydronic baseboard heaters can last a long time with proper care, even more than one generation. They rarely need to be replaced and continue to be efficient and sustainable throughout their lifespan. Many homeowners worry that their heaters look a bit outdated and wish they could make them appear much newer. The good news is having a more modern appearance doesn't mean that the whole heating system has to be replaced. Neither does it mean that an entire unit needs to be removed just to update the look.

Baseboarders® is the easiest way to update baseboard heaters and do it with little to no renovation. Far from being just a quick fix, it is the permanent solution you’ve been looking for. Learn why baseboard heat is still a viable heating option that never goes out of style.

Why Baseboard Heat Will Never Go Out of Style