DIY Bedroom Updates for Keeping Things On-Trend

Arguably, there is no better feeling than getting into bed at the end of a long day and sinking into your pillows. Your bedroom is your sanctuary after all, so it should inspire a calming, relaxing ambiance. If your current space isn’t serving this type of aesthetic, it’s high time for a refresh – especially if the design and decor also seem a little outdated.

Luckily, bedrooms are easy to update. Sometimes, all it takes is a few simple fixes like a new cozy throw blanket or a fresh paint job on the walls. For those of you who want a bedroom that’s not only updated but is in line with current trends, there are several low-cost ideas that will make your space seem more contemporary and a la mode.

Check out these budget-friendly bedroom updates that will keep things on trend!

A large bedroom with dark wood floor and white walls with white hydronic baseboard heaters.

1. Revamp your bedroom’s baseboard heater covers

Bedrooms can be humid environments, especially if they have large windows or are attached to an ensuite bathroom. This can mean that your baseboard heaters in the bedroom will tend to wear down quickly. To mitigate this common eyesore, you can easily add heater covers to the baseboards. Not only will these covers look more stylish and cohesive, but they are also rust resistant and very affordable. Since monochromatic, seamless designs are majorly on trend, adding baseboard heater covers will help you to achieve this type of aesthetic.

Warm toned bedroom with greige walls, wooden headboard and rose bedding.

2. DIY your bed’s headboard

We can all agree that the right headboard can truly become the focal point of a bedroom as soon as you enter. A do-it-yourself headboard may sound complex, but it’s actually a feasible project for any skill level.

There are hundreds of ideas for DIY headboards online that can align with any trendy style you are aiming for. Here are just a few to inspire you, which can all be fashioned on a budget:

  • Lean old frameless windows from an antique store against the wall
  • Paint half of the wall a different color for a colorful, shapely backdrop
  • Create a mosaic with tiles, similar to a kitchen backsplash
  • Wedge a decorative folding screen behind the bed frame
  • Lean framed artwork on a narrow wooden shelf above the bed frame

Bedroom with mustard and sage colors and many pillows arranged on the bed.

3. Zhuzh up your pillow arrangements

What’s the first thing you notice about the bed in a luxury hotel? Usually, it’s the larger-than-life, fluffed up pillows. Plump and over-filled pillows elicit a certain trendy quality, so why not bring that same look home that fancy hotels have mastered?

Design experts recommend buying pillow coversthat are a few inches larger than whatever the pillow size is ; if you have 18-inch pillows, for example, buy 20-inch covers.

Also, don’t skimp on the number of pillows in your bedroom. A good rule of thumb is two pillows per sleeper, but you can also finesse your arrangement by adding decorative pillows, as well as pillows on other seating areas, chests, benches, or ottomans for an even cozier look.

Brick wall in a bedroom behind a green dresser.
4. Add built-in architectural features that elevate the space

A final update you can make to keep things on trend is to elevate your bedroom with fake architectural features. Adding accents like faux brick or stone walls, painted half walls (to mimic wainscotting), or faux windows are all ways to fool the eye and make your bedroom’s architecture appear much fancier than it actually is.

You can also install a molding frame along a wall and paint it one color for a built-in vibe. Finally, a way to add visual depth is to install window treatments 6-8 inches above the window frame itself. Letting the curtains hang to the floor from an elevated height will make the space look more dramatic and trendy.

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