Modernize Your Bathroom with 2024's Design Trends

Seeking ways to modernize your bathroom with the latest design trends? Whether your bathroom reflects a modern farmhouse, minimalist, or mid-century modern style, finding ways to add some fresh trends that blend with your aesthetic is easier than you think.

Light wood floors and vanity in a large, modern bathroom.

We've compiled an insightful guide to 2024's modern bathroom trends to assist you in harmonizing something new with the style you've already established. Explore popular interior trends tailored to three distinct modern bathroom styles: modern farmhouse, modern minimalist, and mid-century modern designs.

Spacious bathroom with dark double vanity.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Trends

Taking inspiration from a modest country retreat with contemporary touches, the modern farmhouse style exudes rustic charm. In 2024, elevate your modern farmhouse bathroom with these interior updates.

Reclaimed Wood

Introduce reclaimed wood for a moody, natural ambiance. Whether as a full accent wall or a refinished vanity countertop, pairing it with homely elements like white or cream textiles enhances the overall aesthetic.

Rustic Vanity

Set the tone with a rustic vanity featuring a sliding barn door and open shelving. This not only offers practical storage solutions but also maintains a modern, elegant look.

Black Accents

Incorporate black accents on elements such as vanity hardware, lighting fixtures, faucets, and towel holders for a modern graphic touch with sharp contrast.

Update Baseboard Heat

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Modern Minimalist bathroom with white walls and appliances with light wood floors.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom Trends

Characterized by sleek fixtures and minimal décor, the modern minimalist style prioritizes beauty and efficiency. Embrace Scandinavian-inspired trends in 2024.

Floating Vanity

Opt for a unique, statement-making floating vanity with clean lines, contributing to the minimalist trend.

Simple Lighting

Select lighting that complements a minimalist vibe, such as incandescent wall sconces, casting soft ambient light with a vintage yet Scandinavian style.

Open-Style Shower

Streamline your bathroom with an open-style shower featuring a frameless sliding door, eliminating the need for curtains or enclosures.

Warmer Colors

2024 is seeing the continuation of warmer colors. Warm up your bathroom’s colors by switching from cool gray and white to beige and cream.

Large bathroom covered in marble with large windows and lots of light.

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Trends

For bathrooms with a mid-century modern aesthetic, 2024 brings trends that complement muted tones, graphic shapes, and a blend of natural and man-made materials:

Geometrically-Patterned Walls

Create visual intrigue with geometric shapes or tiles lining the walls, providing a perfect backdrop for mid-century modern aesthetics.

Warm Wooden Vanity

Embrace the natural element with a warm wooden vanity, contrasting beautifully with white flooring or appliances.

Wood-Framed Rectangular Mirrors

Integrate natural materials by giving mirrors a wooden facelift with frames or installing new mirrors featuring wooden surrounds for a graphic, square aesthetic.

Pastel Colors

Color is a staple of mid-century modern style. Pastels are a great way to add some trending color that suits your mid-century vibe. Check out 2024’s paint colors of the year to find some beautiful pastel blues for the bathroom.

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