3 New Baseboard Color Orders To Add to Cart

Are you interested in an easy snap-on baseboard cover, but wish you could customize the color . . . without the hassle of painting? Baseboarders® is happy to announce three new finish color options available for online purchase, ranging from dark and warm-toned to light and cool shades.

On the former Baseboarders eCommerce website, most colors were available by special request only. Today, the new and improved Baseboarders website allows customers to order up to four different color options with a simple click of a drop-down menu. 

The full spectrum of baseboard cover color options include:


Considered a Standard in the Baseboarders® collection, our semi-gloss white baseboard cover is a modern-classic shade that complements any design style or warm/cool color scheme. If you have a dream baseboard color in mind, you can also paint/finish over the white for a custom shade.

Shop White in 4 Style Options:

Basic (in White) Premium (in White)

Elliptus (in White) Premium Tall (in White)

Oil Rubbed Bronze

This chocolatey-brown hue will add rich warmth to any lower walls or corners. This shade of baseboard cover is excellent for rustic, traditional, or historic designs and rooms with plenty of wood trim/panel or mixed metal hardware.Shop Oil Rubbed Bronze in 4 Style Options: 

Basic (in Oil Rubbed Bronze)Premium (in Oil Rubbed Bronze)Elliptus (in Oil Rubbed Bronze)Premium Tall (in Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Cast Iron Black 

This moody neutral adds depth and a pop of dark drama to any room. Try a black baseboard cover with white/cream walls for strong contrast in spaces like a kitchen or bathrooms that are contemporary, retro-glam, industrial, or any design in between.Shop Cast Iron Black in 4 Style Options

Basic (in Cast Iron Black)Premium (in Cast Iron Black)Elliptus (in Cast Iron BlackPremium Tall (in Cast Iron Black)

Cool Gray

Not too dark or too light, this wispy gray is a clean and crisp compromise between white and the other two darker shades. Use this baseboard cover with rooms that feature earthy or cooler tones (like sage greens, navy blues, or purple hues) or for mod contrast against pure white, ivory, or charcoal walls.Shop Cool Gray in 4 Style Options

Basic (in Cool Gray)Premium (in Cool Gray)
Elliptus (in Cool Gray)Premium Tall (in Cool Gray)

Please note that Oil Rubbed Bronze, Cast Iron Black, and Cool Gray baseboard heater cover colors are considered special order. While our standard white is available for Quick Ship, these special colors have an extra two-week production lead time before shipping. All samples ship for free.

Try Before You Buy: Baseboard Heater Cover Samples (in Your Choice of Color)