Baseboarders New Website Provides for an Easier Ordering Experience

Ordering any remodeling or replacement product for the home can be a harrowing experience. Did I measure correctly? Did I choose the right product for my situation? Did I account for all of the accessories I'll need? BaseboardersĀ® recently launched a new website with a mission to simplify the process of specifying and ordering their award-winning replacement baseboard heater covers. The idea is to provide a guided experience that distills the process into a few easy to understand steps that a.) provides clear measuring instructions, b.) determines necessary accessories, and c.) isolates style choices based on accessory considerations.

We have also spent a great deal of time focusing on the elements that we have heard are important to you whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a contractor. Homeowners have told us that ease of installation, durability and safety are critical differentiators, while contractors appreciate the value of BaseboardersĀ® products when you consider that they are made of high quality, guaranteed to last materials and quick installation features that saves labor costs.

We think we have succeeded in creating the best way to buy replacement baseboard heater covers (fun stuff, right?), but we would love to hear your feedback.