Night & Day: How Little Changes Make All the Difference

Taking on a renovation always seems like a complicated endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Carrie Waller, founder of Dream Green DIY (blog and Instagram), has made an art of the “gentle renovation.” Her 1960s ranch-style house in Waynesboro, Virginia is the perfect example of just such a serene undertaking.

In fact, sometimes it’s the little, simple things that can make the biggest difference as Carrie found out when it was finally time to replace the original baseboard heater covers in her house.

Living room with light color palette and new, white baseboard heater covers.

“Upgrading your dated baseboard heaters isn’t NEARLY as hard or as costly as you probably thought it would be,” Carrie said.

The Baseboarders design is what makes this a simple and wildly effective update. Founders of Baseboarders specifically designed them to slip over the existing baseboard heater structure. All you have to do is remove the external covers then replace them with the new covers. It takes just a couple minutes from start to finish.

Dining room in rich wood and green colors with new, white baseboard heater covers.

If you need to trim the new cover to fit your baseboard, it might take a few extra minutes, but all in all, you can redo your entire house in a matter of a couple hours and a fraction of the cost.

“The difference was night and day,” said Carrie. “We just swapped our 1960s heater covers over to the new sleek ones from Baseboarders.” And that was literally it.

Carrie chose Premium covers in White.

Baseboarders cover pieces set up in front of an old baseboard heater, ready to be replaced.Person removing the old cover on a baseboard heater with a kitten in the foreground.New baseboarders heater cover installed with person, dog, and kitten in the foreground.

Ready for a few little changes of your own? Shop Baseboarders and get started on a refresh for your space today.

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