Baseboard Heater Covers for the Bathroom

Baseboard Heater Covers for the Bathroom
Customers often timidly ask about baseboard heater covers for the bathroom because most of the time, the heater is installed right next to the toilet. They wonder, "will your baseboard heater covers really resist rusting, even if they get . . . peed on?"

We're happy to report that the answer is yes. Urine is pretty nasty stuff, but it cannot get through the two layers of finish we apply to Baseboarders.

Baseboard heating and bathrooms are a difficult combination. Bathrooms for the most part are tiny rooms where all sorts of electrical and plumbing fixtures are crammed in. This leaves a minimal amount of available floor space to install a baseboard heater.

Convection heating needs a decent chunk of clear floor space to be effective. The real estate around the toilet is some of the most open space but it's also the dirtiest.

The bathroom, in general, also poses additional harsh conditions on baseboard heater covers. Hot showers punch up the relative humidity in the air and all that moisture can easily shorten the life of a baseboard heater cover.

While not all baseboard heaters rust out quickly, the heaters in a bathroom will likely rust first simple because of the conditions in the bathroom. Baseboarders are the exception as they have a much different line of defense against rust.

We use a two layer coating over carbon steel to construct our baseboard heater covers. A zinc plating treatment known as Galvanizing creates a strong barrier against chemical attacks from strong cleaning products and even urine.

A good everyday example of this type of metal finishing can be observed by taking a look at a stop sign post; it's doubtful you'll spot any rust. Galvanized steel also does well in extreme temperatures.

We also add a layer of flexible epoxy resin then bake it in an oven for twenty minutes at 390┬░F. This further strengthens the protective barrier around the steel. These processes are the reason we have in industry-leading warranty.

Bathroom renovations require a lot of patience. While home improvement television personalities make it all look easy, bathrooms are widely considered the most challenging room in the home to renovate.

The renovation treatment you give the decrepit rusty old baseboard heaters shouldn't be one that takes much time or planning. Baseboarders will transform the old bathroom heaters nearly instantly. It will be the easiest part of the renovation.

You'll just have to remove the old cover (not the entire unit) then place the new cover over the old unit. For more details on installing new Baseboarders, go to our installation library.

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