Photo Contest Highlights

Honorable Mentions Winners

Check out some of the best contenders from our photo contest. These photos earned Baseboarders® honorable mention and it’s easy to see why. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Chris Christian

The Baseboarders® Basic cover doesn’t detract one bit from the gorgeous view out these huge windows.

Photo credit: Christina Bernstein

Discreetly warming the house, Baseboarders® Basic covers blend right in and let the pooch be the center of attention.

Photo credit: Bruce Abelson

Leave it to our pets to find the snuggliest place in the house. Features Baseboarders® Premium covers, which offer the most design flexibility of any of our products.

 Photo credit: Marlysa Rogers

Proving that pets and plants both blend well with baseboard heaters, Premium covers by Baseboarders® are the hero of this little slice of life.

Photo credit: Ross Lund

Stylishly gracing this modern industrial design, Baseboarders®  Premium covers harmonize with every style.

Photo credit: Kevin Skiba

Baseboarders® Premium covers practically disappear in this rustic design ready to be filled with imaginative decor.

Photo credit: Lou Harris

The elegant curve of Baseboarders® Elliptus covers fits right in with this classic foyer.

Photo credit: Mariya Stecklair

Baseboarders® Premium cover in white goes well with artful décor and colorful walls.

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