The Baseboarders® Guide to Color

Whether it’s a natural, earthy color in your kitchen or something cooler and neutral for your bathroom, color dictates the feel of your home. But how does color mix with your baseboard heating? Here’s how mixing, matching, and contrasting baseboard heater color is the secret ingredient for style. 

It’s important to know which colors work best with the signature elements of your home. That all starts by looking down.  


Start With the FloorBaseboard heating with a white Baseboarders cover against a dark wooden floor

Before you add a cover to your cart, take a look at your flooring. 

The floor is the foundation of your color scheme. But the rules of design state that the color palette has “accent” colors that naturally complement that foundation. That means that your baseboard cover colors could match that foundation or complement it. Need a bit of guidance? Here’s our quick guide for matching colors with your flooring material: 


  • Tile: Many bathrooms have both tile and baseboard heating, and the most popular tile colors are neutral. If your bathroom has white tile—or something similar like light gray or beige—black or bronze covers compliment the neutral floors but allow the baseboard heater to stand apart.  
  • Hardwood: Hardwood flooring in light or dark wood adds plenty of natural character to your home. A white or grey baseboard cover will blend right in with your hardwood flooring and the rest of your trim. Add a softer wall color to complete the look. 
  • Carpet: Did you know that carpeting is a good insulator? It’s a good match for a Baseboarders® cover. Pick a baseboard cover color that picks up on one of the colors or undertones in the carpet for a coordinated look. 
  • Laminate: Laminate flooring looks like hardwood without the hardwood price tag. The most common colors are gray, white, and wood wash, so you can easily pair it with all our color options (white, cool gray, cast-iron black, and oil-rubbed bronze).   
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is another hardwood substitute that’s well-known for its resiliency and luxurious look. Just like laminate, gray and white are some of the more popular colors, so any Baseboarders® cover is likely to work in contrast. 
  • Concrete: Does your concrete floor have baseboard heating? Color’s important there as well. A white cover against the gray, concrete floor stands out well and brings the style up a notch. 

While the flooring material makes a huge difference for color styling, there’s another element that might be even more important. 


What About the Wall? Baseboard heating with a white Baseboarders cover contrasting with a light wooden floor and a dark gray wall.

The color of your walls commands the attention of everyone inside your home. But it also dictates what your baseboards should look like, and here’s why. 

A steadfast design rule is that white trim rules supreme when styling an interior. It pairs well with any shade of wall paint, accents each hue, brings visual relief, and so much more as an all-around superstar. Think of your baseboard cover as an extension of the trim, and you’re well on your way to styling success. 

White is king when it comes to trims and baseboard heater covers, but if that’s not your cup of tea, here are a few other rules for pairing a cover with your wall color: 


  • Lighter shades of paint—like white, gray, and beigego great with any Baseboarders® cover 
  • Darker shades of paintlike green, dark blue, and other earth tonespair better with white and gray Baseboarders® covers 

With a variety of color options to choose from, you’ll have plenty of control over what your rooms will look like. If you’ve found the right colors for your walls and baseboard covers, check out our how-to guides for a quick and easy installation process. 


Premium Covers Need Premium Colors 

Nothing says style quite like the premium line of Baseboarders® covers. They provide a clean, modern aesthetic that pairs perfectly with the many accessories available. A lot of that style comes from the diverse color selection we finish our premium products with. 

Your premium cover is available in: 


  • White 
  • Oil-rubbed bronze 
  • Cast-iron black 
  • Cool gray 


Ready to choose your color? Great! Go here. Need a bit of help before you buy? 


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