Understanding the Baseboarders® Warranty and Lifetime Guarantee

Our aim at Baseboarders from the beginning has always been to provide a high-quality, simple, and beautiful product. That’s why it’s easy to offer the best warranty in the industry.

Baseboarders® are designed to endure and they come with the most comprehensive protection available—both in their construction and their warranty. Here’s why we’re so confident.

Black baseboard heat cover in a small dining room with round table and upholstered chairs.

Galvanized Steel Construction

All baseboard heater covers at Baseboarders are made of galvanized steel. Galvanizing steel is a procedure that uses an electric charge to attach a thin coating of zinc to the steel. This makes the steel more rust resistant..

Zinc coating will last more than 20 years, even in tough environments like urban areas or coastal areas where salt and humidity are risks for metal.

White baseboard heater cover beneath a window with beige drapes on either side.

Powder-Coated Protection

Besides using galvanized steel, Baseboarders products are powder coated. Powder coating is an epoxy-based layer that is added as an additional layer of defense against oxidation. The powder is sprayed onto the metal and adheres to it electrostatically. It is then “baked” so that the powder melts forming a surface that coats the metal.

This second layer of protection offers ultimate durability and rust resistance. That’s why we’re confident in offering the best warranty in the business.

Black baseboard heater cover against a beige wall with with baseboard and dark wood floor.

Baseboarders® Warranty

The lifetime warranty protects the finish against the onset of rust. We also cover any damage to the product while in transit. Goods received with damage should be reported within 72 hours of delivery by emailing resolutions@baseboarders.com.

Use only mild soap and a damp cloth to clean your baseboard covers to avoid damaging the surface and voiding the warranty. Drying after cleaning will help reduce moisture exposure and prevent rust.


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