What Are Baseboarders?

Compared to a central heating system, hydronic (water-powered) baseboard heating is a more energy-efficient, quieter, and longer-lasting system that can be cleaned with a simple vacuuming.  

Without the proper covering, baseboard heaters don’t function optimally and become an eyesore to look at over time. Replacing these heaters can get expensive fast, typically ranging in the hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the size of your home. Ensure your baseboard heating’s at its best by protecting it with a cover that is both stylish and easy to install, plus affordable. 


Don’t let disappointing baseboard heating put a damper on your home renovation project. Protect your valuable time, money, and heating system with a custom Baseboarders® heater cover. 


What are Baseboarders heater covers? Simply put, they’re the perfect solution for your home’s heating and design requirements. Find out what makes a Baseboarders® cover different from the rest. 

 A Baseboarders units being installed.

The Original Baseboard Heating Cover

The team at Baseboarders were tired of living in homes filled with run-down, baseboard heaters. Faced with the option of replacing those heaters themselves or calling in the pros, they decided that there must be a better solution. After failing to find a better alternative on the market, the only option left was to create their own. The answer was Baseboarders®, launching in 2008 as the first all-in-one answer to a decades-old problem. 


Built to Last 

At Baseboarders, each product is built from 18-24 gauge powder-coated steel for the ultimate toughness against oxidation, rust damage, and natural wear. In contrast to other materials like aluminum and plastic, galvanized steel holds onto residual heat longer, allowing the heating effect to last longer.


Made in North America 

Every Baseboarders® product is made right here in North America. Keeping our manufacturing facilities local—in Vancouver, Canada, and Massachusetts—means better quality control, more customization options, and the best customer support to help you find the perfect fit. 

 Baseboarders installed in the bathroom next to a white toilet.

Easy to Install 

Gone are the days of cumbersome heater replacements that take hours to complete. With a Baseboarders® cover, all it takes is a few minutes to protect your heater for years to come. All you need to do is: 


  1. Remove the old cover 
  2. Add the end caps to the new cover 
  3. Slide the Baseboarders cover over the heating element


Check out our installation guide for helpful tips, tricks, and demonstrations. 

Stylish and Customizable 

When it comes to your home, the design is in the details. So you shouldn’t have to settle for baseboard heater coverings that clash with your special sense of style. Baseboarders® covers are perfectly customizable to fit the cut and color of your home. Each product is divided into four main design categories: 


  1. Basic Covers

  2. Premium Covers

  3. Premium Tall Covers

  4. Elliptus Covers 


Once you choose the right design, pick your color and any accessories you may need, such as end caps, couplers, corners, and wall brackets.  


Affordable and Warranty Protected 

Brand-new heater covers shouldn’t break the bank. Baseboarders products are reasonably priced, so you’ll never have to choose between your lifestyle and your budget.  

We’ve built our covers to last for years and provide plenty of value for our customers. Our warranty covers rust damage throughout the life of the baseboard cover.


Need to get in touch with our team? Chat with us on our website, send us an email, or call us at 1-844-801-6429. 

Don’t settle for anything less than the best at your home. Order your Baseboarders® cover today. 

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