Easy Installation

Installation is easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Remove existing endcaps and front panel from your baseboard heater.
  2. Snap the endcaps onto your new Baseboarders cover.
  3. Drop the fully assembled Baseboarders cover over the original heater back plate.

No Back Plate? No Problem!

Sometimes the back plate is not available to be used for a quick and easy slip-on installation. It might be a new construction environment or a totally gutted renovation. As with every possible scenario, we have a simple solution using easy-to-install wall brackets.

The back plate, by the way, is that chintzy piece of metal that was secured to your wall without any thought on how it might be removed one day when it rusted. Back plates installed prior to the 1990’s are probably nailed in place, but even if screws were used, it’s still not an easy job as the finned tube element is normally positioned in a way that makes accessing the screw heads nearly impossible. It’s a tricky job, but our friends at Ask This Old House made it look easy when they did a great piece on how to remove the back plate.

  1. Ensure the wall behind the baseboard heater is patched and painted up to 8″ above the finished floor.
  2. Locate the nearest stud (or some solid material behind the sheetrock) at both ends of the heater.
  3. To make the job easy, locate and drill a pilot hole 7″ above the finished floor. This is only a recommended height. Ultimately you can decide how high to mount the Baseboarders® panel. (Do not use BB003 Premium Tall as the taller profile will never be applicable in this situation).
  4. Using the screws provided, secure one WB001 wall bracket at each end of the heater. Use a third in the middle for additional support and for 6′ and 7′ lengths.
  5. The wall bracket will produce a thin gap between itself and the wall. This gap will receive the lip on the back side of the Baseboarders® panel as illustrated.

Custom Cuts

Baseboarders covers are incredibly versatile and can be custom cut to any size your project may require. It’s a simple and easy process that we’ll gladly walk you through. Please review the below informative video for detailed instructions.

End Caps

We offer 3 different styles of end caps to finish off your installation: Closed, Open & Zero Clearance. Endcaps can also be used to accommodate scenarios where just a few additional inches are required to properly fit your heater (up to an additional 3.5” total). Find out which style you’ll need for your installation by watching this short video. 

Accessory Options

Depending on the style you choose and your specific installation needs, we offer multiple accessories to fit your application. Inside/Outside 90° (Corner installations), Inside/Outside 135° (Bay Window installations), Continuous Piping Configurations, Zero Clearance and Joining Multiple Panels. Learn More & View All Accessory Options.

Quick Ship

Quick Ship items leave our warehouse in 3 business days on orders placed before 10:30am ET. For orders placed afterwards, the following day will be considered the order date. Our Quick Ship program includes all product styles in White only. Custom Cuts and Special Colors require an additional 2 weeks lead time.