Elliptus Baseboard Heater Cover

USD $30.18 / linear foot
As low as USD $60.35

The Elliptus offers a higher level of design refinement not seen in any other solution on the market. The Elliptus product line introduces the notion that baseboard heaters can be considered one of the homes architectural highlights. It is available in every common panel length and most accessory configurations, accommodating a wide variety of installation applications. Baseboarders™ Elliptus provides an elegant, elevated design style for those looking for a more sophisticated option. 

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Panel Lengths
2', 3', 4', 5', 6' & 7' standard panel lengths (6.75" H x 3" D)

Semi-gloss white powder coat - Suitable for painting other colors if desired

Primary Accessories
Closed Endcaps, Inside Corners & Couplers

Additional Accessories
Open Endcaps & Zero Clearance Endcaps

Intended for Hydronic (hot water type) baseboard heaters. Use caution when using with electric baseboard heaters* as they operate at higher surface temperatures

*When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury to persons.


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An Exclusive New Design Language.

Rectilinear design pretty much sums up the stereotypical baseboard heater. Not anymore. The simplicity of a generous curve running the length of the heater in combination with aggressive angles on the endcaps makes for a look never seen before in the HVAC world. The Elliptus product line introduces the notion that baseboard heaters can be considered one of the home's architectural highlights.

Baseboarders® Elliptus is the finest baseboard heater cover we make. When you consider the lifetime warranty this hand crafted product comes with, there is little doubt a new standard has been set.

  1. Clip to capture the hemmed bottom edge of the panel.
  2. Embossed logo for authenticity.
  3. Endcaps are fabricated in 18 gauge galvanized steel plate.
  4. Panels are fabricated in 24 gauge galvanized sheet steel.
  5. Holes are 1/8" in diameter to allow proper airflow.
curved baseboard heater cover

Guides & Resources

Use the guides & resources below to help verify your existing baseboard heaters will fit the one-size-fits- most baseboard heater cover replacements

Custom cuts are available at no charge. Just indicate which panels to cut down to what length in the notes section in the cart.
Watch video for tips on DIY panel cutting. We recommend hand shears that are capable of 22 gauge galvanized steel to cut the panels.

Select Panel Accessories


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Well designed

Easy to follow directions for measuring; ease of install; quick delivery; quality of product; looks: of product - clean lines, etc. website is clear, well designed and full of all the info a buyer needs

Absolutely Fantastic

Everything was as easy as I hoped and they look absolutely fantastic. I look forward to doing the rest of the house.

Love the product!

Love the product ! It was very easy to order and install . It makes our bathroom look so polished and neat!

Quality product

Quality, nice looking covers

Very nice product

Very nice product !! I was impressed by the quality and look.

I really like these covers

I really like these covers. They are well made, stronger than the original, and look much better as well. Slowly, but surely, as we upgrade sections of the house, all our original covers will be replaced by these.

Yes I would buy this product again

Excellent product, easy to install, no tools well worth the price.

Questions & Answers

Q: Can these panels be custom cut?

A: Yes, panels can be custom cut at the factory or you can cut them onsite using this tutorial.


Q: How thick is the metal used on the panels and endcaps?

A: Elliptus panels are 24 gauge galvanized steel and Elliptus endcaps are 18 gauge galvanized steel.


Q: How can I use Elliptus panels for an application that is longer than 7 feet?

A: Use two Elliptus panels side by side and place a Elliptus coupler (CP005) over the area where the panels meet.  Example:  For an 8 foot application, use (2) 4' panels and a coupler.


Q: Can I use Basic or Premium accessories on an Elliptus panel? 

A: No, Elliptus accessories are the only option for Elliptus panels.


Q: How do I measure for panels that meet in a 90-degree corner?

A: Remove endcap and measure side 1 from pipe to corner (wall).  Then subtract 3'' for depth of the adjacent cover. Repeat with side 2.  This will allow space for the panels to meet in the corner piece.


Q: What if my back plate height is shorter than the Elliptus panel or endcaps height?

A: You will need to use Baseboarders wall brackets (WB001) to raise the application up enough to accommodate the height of the endcap (7-1/2").  Height of the wall bracket is 1-1/4".


Q: What if I no longer have the back plate for my baseboard heater? 

A: You will need to use Baseboarders wall brackets (WB001) to secure the lip of the panel.  Panels 5' or less will need 2 brackets.  6' and 7' panels will need 3 brackets.


Q: How many wall brackets are needed for each panel?

A: Panels 5' or less will need 2 WB001 wall brackets.  6' and 7' panels will need 3 WB001 wall brackets.


Q: Can Baseboarders panels be used on electric baseboard heaters?

A: Baseboarders™ product lines are designed for hydronic baseboard heaters, but will work for electric baseboard heaters as well. Note: When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury to persons. Baseboarders are made of steel and will become just as hot as the original covers of electric baseboard heaters.  

Q: Can Baseboarders panels and accessories be painted? 

A: Yes, you can use the latex or enamel paint of your choice with a roller or spray can.