How to Measure

Measure The Lengths of Your Baseboard Heaters

There’s no need for fractional or precise right-on-the-dot measurements. Baseboarders® are designed to yield an incredible amount of flexibility. Each endcap can be slid out to cover a greater length beyond the end of the panel once snapped on. In fact, a pair of endcaps can offer a full 3-1/2″ of additional span to the overall length of coverage on a typical straight heater. Here are a few quick tips that will ensure measuring panel lengths is quick and easy:

  • Always round down the actual measurement to a whole number (example: 72-3/4″ measured, order a standard 6′ panel).

  • Pay close attention to the animations above that show where to locate the zero mark on your tape measure.

  • Baseboard heaters longer than 7′ (6′ for Basic series) will require the use of multiple panels and couplers to register the ends together. Any length is possible.

Here’s a few examples of long lengths:

  • 8′ – Two 4′ panels and a coupler.

  • 15′ – Three 5′ panels and two couplers.

  • 9′-7″ – One 5′ panel, one 5′ panel CUT TO 55″ (no charge factory cut and labelled) and a coupler.

  • Need us to trim down a standard length panel at no charge? Just indicate which panels to cut down to what length in the notes section at check-out.

  • Use this handy guide to figure out any length beyond the longest single integral lengths (6′ for Basic, 7′ for all others)

As illustrated above, standard straight lengths are measured from end to end using the original back plate. If a straight section is missing the back plate, measure from one extreme end of desired coverage to the other extreme end of coverage. Then subtract 1″. This is the ideal panel length. Configurations involving an “L” or a “C” layout should, as illustrated above, always subtract the depth of the adjacent heater cover (always 3″) from the actual length measured.

cutting baseboard covers

Custom Lengths

Baseboarders® are manufactured in all of the common industry standard nominal lengths; 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′ and 7′. Occasionally some baseboard radiators will not possess these industry standard nominal lengths. Custom cut lengths are available from a select number of distributors as well as factory direct orders. There is no extra charge for providing custom cut lengths. On-site panel modifications are also possible. We recommend hand shears that are capable of 22 gauge galvanized steel to cut the panels. Endcaps and other accessories should not / cannot be modified.

Quick Ship

Quick Ship items leave our warehouse in 3 business days on orders placed before 10:30am ET. For orders placed afterwards, the following day will be considered the order date. Our Quick Ship program includes all product styles in White only. Custom Cuts and Special Colors require an additional 2 weeks lead time.