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About Us

Founded in 2002 in Vancouver, Canada, Baseboarders has quickly established itself as the industry leader within the market. Since it’s invention, Baseboarders has become the most popular hydronic baseboard heater renovation product in the industry. The distinct one-piece perforated steel design can be seen in tens of thousands of homes, child and elder care facilities, schools, hospitals, churches and college dorms throughout North America. The Baseboarders family of products has received numerous consumer awards and has been featured both on television and in print publications.

In 2017, Renovation Brands acquired Baseboarders and welcomed the business into its growing portfolio of companies. Renovation Brands is the parent company of multiple fast growing home improvement products brands serving both residential and commercial customers in the renovation space. Comprised of eight specialty eCommerce brands, each brand being a leading player in its niche, Renovation Brands is both a manufacturer and marketer, offering high quality products delivered through exceptional service. 

A Long History of Ugliness. A Short History of Awesomeness.

Some people worry about their hot water baseboard radiators staying eternally hideous. Ugly strips of metal heaters have long been a thorn in the side of interior decorators causing mass confusion on furniture placement. Think about this; they have no moving parts and can easily put in 100 years of service. So how does a long term fixture in every room in the house keep up with style? How does a fixture that was originally installed in a permanent manner offer a replacement or renovation solution once it starts to rust (they always do)? Many have sought solutions to deal with these problems with little success. You might ask why this type of heating was invented in the first place? Who or what company would commit such crimes against interior design?

During the late 1940’s a small number of companies in the New England area were developing a better way to heat interior spaces. The utilization of heated water to transport energy for use in space heating was nothing new at the time. Big and heavy cast-iron radiators were a standard installation in most homes up to this point in history. These cast iron radiators were located in select rooms which caused inconsistent temperatures throughout the house. Finned tube element would use the same convection air current heating principle, while reducing the physical size of the emitter.  The lighter, cheaper and smaller profile finned tube element meant hydronic heat could be positioned in multiple locations in every room as needed. This new and less intrusive design, originally termed “perimeter heating”, was seen as a leap forward in comfort. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for baseboard heating to gain the reputation as an eye-sore. The steel covers that protect the delicate aluminum wafers were not given the same attention to detail in their design. In terms of the technology, hydronic baseboard heaters have numerous advantages over the more common forced air heating and finned tube remains one of the most common methods of home heating in North America. In 2008 the sleek lines of Baseboarders® slip-on baseboard heater covers became the modern day solution to this well-known renovation problem. Interior climate scientists are still at a loss to explain why it took so long for Baseboarders® to be invented.

Baseboarders® Cost Less Than "Dummy Covers".

Baseboarders® cost less because there is virtually no labor cost; they just slip over your existing back plates. The installation will not require the use of tools or hired help and will take only a few minutes. Why allocate 60% of your budget for labor when you could spend less on a better solution.

Dummy Covers have been around for a long time – and it shows. They require the entire original cover and back plate to be removedThis job is not within the capabilities of most DIYers. The install cost is about $20/foot based on an average $60/hour contractor rate. Dummy covers are a threatened species.

Baseboarders® Make Child Safety A Priority.

While baseboard heaters offer many benefits over alternative home heating methods, they’re not without their faults. Child safety around baseboard heaters remains our number one customer inquiry. We’ve published a fair bit of content on the subject on the Baseboarders® Blog if you are inclined to get into the details. The biggest threat to children around baseboard heaters is access to the heating element. The element is comprised of many wafer thin aluminum squares that can easily cut little fingers, in addition to the other sharp unfinished parts of the original baseboard cover and bracketry. When baseboard heaters are in operation, another threat emerges; heat. Although it is unlikely touching hot water baseboard heater covers will result in a burn, there is the possibility that a fire could result in the event a flammable object like a toy is pushed inside the enclosure. Electric baseboard heaters operate at higher surface temperatures. When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury to persons. Our design approach to deal with both of these safety challenges is the one piece design that ensures proper airflow around the heating element while prohibiting direct access to it from the top. By using heavy duty galvanized steel that has a series of 1/8″ diameter holes, the structurally sound one piece cover is the perfect combination of safety and great looking covers.

Baseboarders® Are Recognized As The Very Best.

The objective of developing the easy slip-on baseboard heater cover was to appeal to frustrated consumers that had little choice in finding a high quality solution that would getting rid of their ugly old baseboard heaters. Along the way our unique solution has been recognized by both heating professionals and design gurus.

Baseboarders® made an appearance on Time Warner’s Ask This Old House. The TV show’s hosts briefly reviewed the dummy cover renovation solution and then concluded easy slip-on Baseboarders® were the “new and modern look” for baseboard heaters. The four minute product spotlight originally aired in January of 2010.

The annual ADEX Awards recognize excellence in product design. According to the Adex website: “ADEX stands for Awards for Design Excellence and is the largest and most prestigious awards program for product & project design”. Baseboarders® received their highest rating of Platinum in 2010.

“Qualified Remodeler” and “Radiant & Hydronics” are two highly regarded trade publications in the residential remodel and heating industries respectively. Asking readers each year to vote for their favourite new product is an annual tradition among numerous trade magazines. In 2008 the newly launched easy slip-on baseboard heater cover (there was no brand name at that time) was voted as the 6th most popular new product that year. The following year, Qualified Remodeler readers who were voting in a much larger and diversified field of new products, voted Baseboarders® into the number 36 position of the top 500 entries.

We Are The Experts And We Work For You.

Our company invented the easy slip-on baseboard heater cover and in doing so we’ve claimed ownership of the age-old problem of what do to with these nasty buggers. Having taken responsibility for the problem, we make the best (and almost exclusive) solution. Here is a list of things to consider while doing your research on baseboard radiator rejuvenation:

Our customer service team is available seven days a week. Call us. E-mail us. If the content on this website isn’t sufficient in answering your very specific questions, we want to help resolve your concerns quickly.

Baseboard heater covers should always be made of a material that conducts and holds heat energy. Duh – like that’s not obvious. Beware of similar products that use cheap materials such as plastic. Plastic is an insulator – it does not store heat energy. For more details on why steel is the only way to go for baseboard radiator covers, check out this post on the Baseboarders® Blog.

Be aware of websites that try to imitate the one you are on right now. Watch for URLs that are only one or two letters different from www.baseboardheatercovers.com. Baseboarders® sold by Authorized Resellers will ALWAYS display the Baseboarders® trademark.

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