Announcing Our Photo Contest Winner

Introducing the winner of our latest photo contest. This beautiful use of Baseboarders® Basic style in a Mid-century Modern design demonstrates how versatile and adaptable baseboard covers can be.

About the Project

When the Butlers bought their first home in 2018, they knew there was a drawn out renovation project ahead of them. However, when COVID hit, it suddenly became a priority to get at least one of those rooms in order pronto: the home office.

The first thing they did was work on replacing the old, bulky baseboard heater covers. They weren’t sure if there were better options out there, so they were delighted to find Baseboarders.

Coty Butler, a professional designer, knew the power a little change could make. The new baseboard covers alone were a great start to the renovation. This one, simple change gave the room a fresh new look and feel. 

Modern, Minimalist Aesthetic

“Baseboarders were the perfect fit for the look I was going for,” said Coty Butler. The design of the new space was to be a Mid-century Modern style. Baseboarders® Basic design is simple, clean, and low-profile—a perfect match for the look the Butlers wanted.


“The Baseboarders are like the cherry on top of each room we put them in. It adds the last finishing touch that screams NEW! The first time you see the new Baseboarders on the wall it’s like a breath of fresh air! When you have Baseboarders you’ll want to show them off.”

-Coty Butler


With a baby on the way, the Butlers were also delighted to find the baseboard heater covers were kid-friendly. The safe design keeps curious hands away from hot water pipes so you never have to worry about little ones exploring.

The entire house is heated with hydronic baseboard heat and they plan on eventually replacing all the covers in their house as they work through their renovation room by room.