How to Decorate Your Home with Modern Country Vibes

Country style isn’t just for rural homes, and having modern farmhouse decor certainly doesn't mean that you’re living on a farm. 

Rather, calling your interior design aesthetic “country” or “farmhouse” means that you’ve styled your home with simple and chilled-out rustic vibes that often come with living a less complicated life. Instead of ultra-luxurious decor, country home design leans towards neutral and soothing color combinations, natural features that celebrate the Great Outdoors, and plenty of textural elements like wicker, wood, and copper.

If a full-scale renovation isn’t in the budget this year, but you’re still looking to achieve a modern country home, there are many decorative trends you can integrate into any space to give it that charming rustic vibe. 

Here are 4 simple and inexpensive ways to decorate your home with a modern country or farmhouse style: 

A bedroom in white with wood paneling applied vertically.

1. Put up natural wall paneling  

One thing that’s synonymous with country-style homes is that the walls are often full of dimension and texture. Adding wall paneling is the perfect way to transform a space into one that screams farmhouse chic. 

Whether you choose to install beadboard, shiplap, or wainscotting, wood panels will instantly give off a charmingly rustic appeal, much like a barn. You can paint the paneling white for a more modern feel, or stick with classic wood tones to keep the vibes extra rustic. No matter what you choose, this simple addition will give any space the look of a quaint and cozy farmhouse.

Looking out a window over the kitchen sink with country style shutters in white.

2. Dress the windows with country shutters

Your window coverings may seem like an afterthought in many of the rooms in your home, but the truth is, they can actually make a huge impact on the overall ambiance. This isn’t only because window coverings help control the amount of lighting in a space; it’s because they can be designed with lots of character. 

In a modern country home, trade those outdated Venetian blinds for cute wooden shutters! From barn-door style shutters to plantation shutters, you can get creative in the style of shutters that you choose. You can even make them yourself in one weekend with a few pieces of wood, some stain, and basic DIY supplies.

White and neutral colored living room with white baseboard heater covers.

3. Add rustic baseboard heater covers

A key part of transforming a space into one that reflects a modern farmhouse style is to pay attention to the simplest details. Without carefully reflecting on every element, you’ll run the risk of a mismatched space with no clear aesthetic. One of those seemingly simple but furtively critical details is baseboard heater covers. 

Both stylish and easy to install, baseboard heater covers are an essential detail to the design and function of any space. Choosing a model like this Basic Baseboard Heater Cover in white will look great in a modern farmhouse room, as it will create a sense of harmony along your baseboards and cover up any heating unit eyesores.

4. Choose vintage-inspired furnishings & decor

Last but not least, a critical component of achieving a modern farmhouse look is to turn to the “old” and make it “new.” Of course, not all of us have vintage heirlooms lying around in the garage. For vintage-inspired furnishings and decorative accents, you can have fun hunting around flea markets, vintage shops, or even online at vintage retailers for these special pieces. 

From repurposed dining chairs to oil-rubbed bronze lighting fixtures, whatever you choose should reflect a worn, distressed look. Other decor, like vintage paintings that reflect pastoral scenes or wire baskets, are also timeless ideas that will speak to the farmhouse look you’re going for.

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