6 Living Room Design Trends We’re Homing In On

Anything but stuffy, the modern-day living room design is versatile and high-functioning (and dare we say, fun?!) space that makes a house a home. Even well into 2022, there is no better time to rejuvenate your living room than now.

From packing in the plants to adding in furniture with a mod-retro twist, scroll below for 6 living room design trends to try in 2022.

Curved Furniture

It’s time to shake (and shape) up your traditional living room set with furniture that features curve appeal. Yes, from sumptuous half-circle armrests to ultra-scooped and tufted backs, Art Deco shapes are all the rage.

Rather than straight-and-narrow square or rectangular pieces, try more feminine furniture silhouettes that feel like a hug and look like a work of art—say, a hanging egg chair with plush pillows and throws, a kidney-shaped tufted sofa, or a wavy coffee table that looks like a cloud. No matter how small or big the arch, furniture that visually “flows” feels both organic and unexpectedly fun in any 2022 living room.  

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Biophilic Design

If your outdated living room needs a breath of fresh air, take some tips from Mother Nature. The biophilic trend continues to thrive into 2022. 

You can bring the outdoors in with real life plants (doubling as natural air purifiers) or nurture the space with serene green colors and natural earthy textures or materials like jute, stone, rattan, and beyond. Whichever way you choose, a living room that feels lush and invigorating is in (bonus points for natural light and gorgeous window views!).

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Multifunctional Spaces

A living room is meant to be lived in . . . laughed in, and loved, right? From quiet R&R to WFH office Zoom calls to movie or family game nights, work/life balance since 2020 takes place under one roof—and why not one focal-point room? 

Inspired by the minimalism trend, the 2022 living room is best dressed today as a multifunctional space in our multifaceted lifestyles (and not just a place to sit). If your living room is open concept, get creative with sectioning off areas with room dividers, attractive storage, or modular furniture that can be quickly converted from a cozy circle around a fireplace to a full-blown play area for kids and their go-to toys.

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Bold Colors & Patterns

Even if you’re streamlining some major features of your life (like downsizing or creating multipurpose rooms), your living room doesn’t have to be tamed.

The “more is more” design philosophy allows homeowners to embrace their wild creativity with bold, bright color schemes and an eclectic array of fabrics, prints/patterns (from floral to cheetahs), and a mix of modern and antique pieces like a grandfather clock next to a pop art canvas. Maximalism is about surrounding yourself with fun and interesting objects that showcase your travels, history, interests, and personality.

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Warm Tones & Textures

Comfort is key to a 2022 living room (yes, even if your visual style is maximalist. . . lounge at its luxest). Warm-tone colors and cozy textures are here to stay.

Think of a fall or winter night spent cocooned in; now that same hygge vibe will be a year-long presence in the living room. Rather than all-white and gray rooms, embrace toasty shades of greige, chocolate brown, tans, and creams, as well as varied textures and materials like wood furniture, a fluffy ‘70s shag rug, boucle throws, and brass metal light fixtures.

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All in the Details

Just like jewelry makes or breaks an ensemble, ceiling, wall and floor trim captures the eye and makes an instant statement. 

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From laidback comfort to loud and proud color schemes, today’s living room design trends fit every lifestyle. Whatever living room aesthetic speaks to you, don’t forget that baseboard covers are a conversation piece, too—make them one to remember with Baseboarders.

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