Product Comparison

A Style For All Budgets. An Upgrade For All Heaters.

Four Designs To Match Residential Finned Tube Geometries.

All Baseboarders lines include a pristine powder coated semi-gloss white finish. Custom colors are available on orders with at least 50 linear feet minimum.

Projects involving bay windows and/or other walls meeting at 135 degrees must select Premium/Premium TALL.

All standard lengths can be cut to any custom length by the factory at no charge or watch this video tutorial to learn how to do it yourself.

For lengths longer than 7' (6' in Basic), use two or more panels and a coupler. Example: A 12' length would be covered with two 6' panels and coupler.


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Premium Tall
2' Panel

2' Panel BA001-24

2' Panel BB001-24

2' Panel BB003-24

3' Panel

3' Panel BC001-36

3' Panel BA001-36

3' Panel BB001-36

3' Panel BB003-36

4' Panel

4' Panel BC001-48

4' Panel BA001-48

4' Panel BB001-48

4' Panel BB003-48

5' Panel

5' Panel BC001-60

5' Panel BA001-60

5' Panel BB001-60

5' Panel BB003-60

6' Panel

6' Panel BC001-72

6' Panel BA001-72

6' Panel BB001-72

6' Panel BB003-72

7' Panel

7' Panel BA001-84

7' Panel BB001-84

7' Panel BB003-84

Left Closed Endcap

Left Closed Endcap EC004-LF

Left Closed Endcap EC005-LF

Left Closed Endcap EC001-LF

Left Closed Endcap EC007-LF

Right Closed Endcap

Right Closed Endcap EC004-RT

Right Closed Endcap EC005-RT

Right Closed Endcap EC001-RT

Right Closed Endcap EC007-RT

Left Open Endcap

Left Open Endcap EC006-LF

Left Open Endcap EC002-LF

Left Open Endcap EC008-LF

Right Open Endcap

Right Open Endcap EC006-RT

Right Open Endcap EC002-RT

Right Open Endcap EC008-RT

Zero Clearance Endcap

Zero Clearance Endcap ZC005

Zero Clearance Endcap ZC001

Zero Clearance Endcap ZC003


Coupler CP004

Coupler CP005

Coupler CP001

Coupler CP003

Inside 90 Degree Corner

Inside 90 Degree Corner IC004

Inside 90 Degree Corner IC005

Inside 90 Degree Corner IC001

Inside 90 Degree Corner IC003

Outside 90 Degree Corner

Outside 90 Degree Corner OC001

Outside 90 Degree Corner OC003

Inside 135 Degree Corner

Inside 135 Degree Corner IB001

Inside 135 Degree Corner IB003

Outside 135 Degree Corner

Outside 135 Degree Corner OB001

Outside 135 Degree Corner OB003

Quick Ship

Quick Ship items leave our warehouse in 3 business days on orders placed before 10:30am ET. For orders placed afterwards, the following day will be considered the order date. Our Quick Ship program includes all product styles in White only. Custom Cuts and Special Colors require an additional 2 weeks lead time.