Achieving a Modern Look with New Baseboard Heater Covers

Never thought it would be possible to expect anything more from your baseboard heaters than some warm air? Old baseboard heater covers don’t do much to offer style to your space. But that could all change with new baseboard heater covers.

In fact, modern baseboard heater covers offer several sleek looks that are 1000% better than the old ones you have been putting up with for far too long.

Each of these from Baseboarders has clean lines and clean colors that suit all types of modern design. Go with a fresh white or gray for a Scandinavian style modern vibe. Create more dramatic contrast in a mid-century modern design with black or oil rubbed bronze color.

Don’t put up with those old baseboard heater covers a moment longer. Come with us to explore the shapes that will add to your design instead of detract from it.


Basic Baseboarders cover in white.

Basic But Classic

If you’re not keen on too much change stylistically, stick with the classic look. The Basic baseboard cover has that same open top and closed bottom but in a more refined version. It offers the same functionality but allows you to get a modern look that the old covers just can’t offer.

The Basic is available in most lengths and can be custom cut free-of-charge. It also comes with the accessories you need to complete the modern look.


Room with desk and black baseboard heater cover.


Premium with Versatility

Want your baseboard heater covers to be a bit more invisible? The Premium style hugs the wall with it’s angled design making it less intrusive—true to a minimalist modern design. The circulation holes extend over the entire cover providing better air flow and a more unassuming presence.

Premium also comes in a taller version to accommodate heating systems that are larger. Both are available in standard lengths with custom cuts available. The range of accessories makes this an easy style to work with for those trickier configurations.

White living room with tan accents and a white baseboard heater cover in Elliptus.

Elliptus on the Curve

For those who lean more towards a boho modern vibe, Elliptus is the first baseboard heater cover to use a curve instead of the boxier versions you’ve been used to on the baseboard. An ellipse with air flow holes from top to bottom, this cover is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

It doesn’t require any adaptation and can be used to replace any hydronic baseboard heater cover. It is also available in standard and custom lengths and handles corners and uncommon configurations just as well as any other style available.

Beyond Style

Your new baseboard heater covers are far more than a style update. They also take advantage of the latest technology for a more durable and longer lasting cover. Each is made of galvanized steel panels in 22-24 gauge thickness. They are powder coated for protection against rust and are guaranteed by our warranty.

Replacing heater covers is so simple your kid could do it. You don’t need any tools or know how. It only takes a few minutes per cover. Watch a video to see how easy it is.

The covers are designed with safety in mind. Completely enclosed, they pose very little risk for small, curious hands that might have found their way into your older covers. The covers eliminate direct access to the hot water pipe that runs your system but doesn’t get in the way of the air circulation.

Getting a more modern look for your baseboard heater covers is within reach. These modern baseboard heater covers will totally change the look of your modern space. Say goodbye to unwanted attention on your baseboard heater covers forever!

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