Four Modern-Cool (and Anything But Vanilla) Baseboard Heater Covers

Baseboard Heater Covers DIY Designs: the Dessert Edition

Summer is right around the corner—and while AC may be more on homeowners’ minds this June, don’t forget to plan ahead for heating renovations. Remember: even when not in use, a rusted, dented, or simply boxy and outdated baseboard heater remains a cringe-worthy sight. This is where baseboard heater covers come into play . . . and aesthetically save the day (and week, month, and year).

Yes, our baseboard heater covers take baseboard heater units from ugly ol’ eyesore to  (“I scream”) eye candy you’ll be obsessed about. Trust us—once you update one room with our streamlined baseboard heater covers, you’ll be tempted to add more across the entire house asap! You can choose from industry standard length (or use multiple panels and a coupler for lengths longer than 7 feet), and have us custom cut the cover (for free) before shipping off to you—or DIY retrofit-and-cut with help from our tutorial tips and videos.

Additionally, our baseboard heater cover DIY installs are a snap (literally) to put on over existing baseboard heaters, no tools required. Each of our baseboard heaters are made with powder coated galvanized steel, are child-safe with no exposed sharp edges, and will look smooth, modern, and seamless for years to come in any home.

A Delightful Topping: One-and-Done DIY Baseboard Heater Covers

Think for a minute about the concept of getting an ice cream. Imagine heading to the hottest parlor in town, known for its exquisite topping options and pretty, Insta-worthy presentations. 

Why then would you agree to a semi-melted, toppings-free leftover dish of vanilla when you can upgrade your taste . . . and enjoy a more fun option? This is how we think about baseboard heater covers in the summer—don’t settle for your bland existing baseboard heater aesthetic when there are so many appealing baseboard heater covers to choose from!

Baseboarders® has a palette shade and style flavor fit for every home and baseboard heater. All of our baseboard heater covers are available in 4 color finishes: a semi-gloss powder-coated White (that can be repainted in any color you please), a Cast Iron Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, or a Cool Gray finish.

Whether you’re a DIY baseboard heater covers fan or discovering these for the first time, scroll ahead for a refresher course on 4 different types of baseboard heater covers, and the scoop on what makes each unique. Enjoy!


Flavor #1: Basic (Anything But Vanilla)

The Basic style of our baseboard heater covers DIY collection can be thought of as an equivalent to a vanilla ice cream cone with mini chocolate chips—simple, yet sweet and satisfying—featuring a delectable creamy texture and a perfectly cupped mound atop a classic wafer cone.    

The Basic baseboard heater cover fits in best with contemporary home aesthetics yet looks pleasing with any style. Like perfectly-placed chocolate chips, the defining ⅛” holes not only help increase air circulation and keep dust out, but also add a refreshingly mod design twist.

The Basic is crafted out of thick 24 gauge galvanized steel (with 22 gauge endcaps) and is available in 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-foot long standard panel lengths, as well as free custom cuts. When it comes to replacing outdated baseboards (or several in many rooms), this baseboard heater cover is the most affordable yet will stand the test of time—and timeless style. A 2-year warranty is also included. 

Taste-Test the Basic

Flavor #2: Premium (Like An Indulgent Drumstick)

The Premium is a multilayered and decadent version of the Basic, with a greater variety of configuration options. Instead of a flakier wafer cone, the Premium features a stronger waffle cone base with a larger chocolate-dipped vanilla scoop covered in nuts.

Like a criss-crossed waffle pattern, what makes the Premium baseboard heater cover extra appealing is its heavy-duty 22 galvanized steel construction (with 18 gauge endcaps) that helps resist dents from vacuum bump-ups. Plus, the crushed almond and peanut pieces (aka:  ⅛” ventilation holes) are sprinkled on the top for airflow function, and on the front for a tasteful aesthetic touch. For those that believe less is more and that it’s all in the details, take note of this baseboard’s more slender frame. The angle-slanted endcap adds an artful (yet discreet) edge.

The Premium is available in 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-foot long standard panel lengths, along with free custom cuts. With a wide range of accessories, this style is great for bay windows that meet at 135 degrees, straight walls, or 90-degree inside/outside corners . . . best choice for those that want their baseboard heaters to feel like an organic part of the space. A lifetime warranty is extra sweet, too!

Taste-Test the Premium 

Flavor #3: Elliptus (a Pretty Parfait with a Twist)

Envision a vanilla-swirled creamsicle parfait topped with an orange slice that resembles a round horizon. Unexpected and eclectic-cool at the same time, this specialty dessert is sweet with a tangy bite. This refined-meets-fun juxtaposition is exactly the vibe our Elliptus baseboard heater gives off in any space: treating every day like a vacation!

A work of art in both form and function for baseboard units, the Elliptus makes a statement with a generous curve running the entire length of the heater, offset with sharp-angled endcaps. The ⅛” vent holes (like the addition of superpower food chia seeds to a parfait) add superpowered airflow that keeps out dirt and debris when heat is up and running. 

The Elliptus is crafted out of 24 gauge galvanized steel (with 18 gauge galvanized steel plate endcaps) and available in 3-, 4-, 5-,6- and 7-foot long standard panel lengths, as well as free custom cuts. If you’re sick of ugly rectangular baseboard units and looking for a splash of sophistication—all while still fitting complex wall configurations—the Elliptus covers it all in good taste. Lifetime warranty guarantees satisfaction. 

Taste-Test the Elliptus

Flavor #4: Premium Tall (Triple-Scoop with a Cherry On Top)

The Premium Tall is exactly the same as the Premium (Style #2) but with an additional 2” of height added for heating systems that have a larger and taller profile than the industry standard. The Premium Tall is the cream of the crop when it comes to high quality baseboard heater covers DIY projects. Think of it as a triple-scoop vanilla ice cream waffle cone with whipped cream, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips, and a cherry on top! 

Like the Premium, this Premium Tall is available in 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-foot long standard panel lengths and features a range of accessories that are easy to work with for more complex configurations. It’s a fitting (and non-clunky) solution, at the quality you need to heat up a bigger space evenly. Lifetime warranty included.

Taste-Test the Premium Tall

Treat Yourself to Modern Baseboard Heater Covers

What baseboard heater covers DIY solution floats your (banana-split) boat? Summer is the perfect time of year to assess your old—and most likely ugly—baseboards and update them with an efficient and aesthetically clean-cut cover. Browse our modern baseboard heater cover designs and upgrade your lower walls in a snap!

Which Baseboard Heater Cover Hits Your Budget & Style Sweet Spot?